World’s First Direct, Fully Automated IoT ‘Device to Cloud’ Solution is set to Transform Global IoT Deployment

  • Thales and Eseye launch ‘Intelligent Cloud Connect’, the only AWS Qualified IoT solution that vastly simplifies IoT device design, connectivity management, security and billing
  • New solution will transform global IoT deployment by delivering out of the box, zero-touch global IoT connectivity directly into AWS IoT Core, reducing time to market by more than 75%

27 November 2019: The world’s first fully automated, direct IoT ‘Device-to-Cloud’ solution to simplify the process of onboarding an IoT device into AWS IoT Core securely, was today announced by Eseye, a leader in ubiquitous global IoT connectivity. Intelligent Cloud Connect, the new joint solution developed in partnership with Thales, will be formally launched and demonstrated at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas from 2-6 December.

To realise the benefits of IoT, organisations need to navigate an enormously complex ecosystem and a fragmented value chain. With many development hurdles to cross, typically it can take an average of two years to launch a new IoT solution, while many projects are paralysed by complexity and even struggle to make it to market.

With the new Intelligent Cloud Connect solution, Eseye and Thales are fundamentally disrupting the IoT ecosystem with a collaborative IoT Connectivity Platform, which cuts through the complexity of IoT and enables new product development timelines to be reduced from 2 years to less than six months.

The foundation of this first solution developed in partnership is Thales’s ground-breaking Cinterion® PLS62-W Global IoT Module which comes pre-installed with Eseye’s market-leading intelligent AnyNet Secure® SIM, also provided by Thales. Each AnyNet Secure® SIM comes pre-programmed to leverage Eseye’s unique network switching as a service platform, delivering near 100% global cellular connectivity. As each Intelligent Cloud Connect device is powered-on a dedicated embedded application automatically and securely connects directly to AWS IoT Core, delivering ‘plug and play’ global IoT connectivity.

Anand Gandhi, VP of Worldwide Channels & Alliances at Eseye, comments: “This partnership will change the way IoT devices are developed and deployed in the future. Intelligent Cloud Connect vastly reduces the complexities of creating an IoT device and then directly connecting it to the cloud, saving customers significant resources and time, whilst giving them a distinct competitive advantage.“

Andreas Haegele, VP IoT at Thales, comments: “Our customers can now follow a quick and easy process to deliver IoT data securely to the cloud with confidence. It paves the way for massive innovation and marks a watershed moment for the IoT industry, which can now accelerate the deployment of secure IoT solutions at previously unachievable speeds.”

Intelligent Cloud Connect allows customers to develop a single IoT product SKU for any application that connects out-of-the-box on power-up to any mobile network in the world, while offering seamless and secure data provisioning to the AWS IoT Core. This means it is now possible to have an IoT device automatically activated and fully connected to AWS in less than 10 minutes.

The platform handles zero-touch IoT security certification with AWS IoT Core, as well as lifecycle device management, allowing customers to manage global device estates through a single pane of glass. With this solution, the complexity of balancing bandwidth, data plans and negotiating multiple Mobile Network Operator (MNO) contracts is completely removed, providing customers with only one single bill for consumed MQTT messages, which can be conveniently purchased via the AWS marketplace.

To find out more about the new Intelligent Cloud Connect solution from Thales and Eseye:


  • One globally deployable SKU connects out of the box anywhere in the world, simplifying logistics and reducing device and technical management overhead
  • Zero-touch, automatic service provisioning delivering ubiquitous global cellular network connectivity on power-up – delivering near 100% device uptime across cellular networks
  • Automatic AWS IoT Core enrolment once the device is activated – device certification and security automatically managed by AWS cloud and delivered OTA to the device
  • Eseye unified APN provides single secure internet gateway, regardless of the MNO network in use
  • Eseye’s agnostic mobile network profile management enables dynamic on-device and OTA network switching to ensure maximum device connectivity is achieved
  • Billing through purchased MQTT message bundles provides simplified and scalable global connectivity management with predictable costs
  • Single pane of glass allows management of global device estate and billing from one intuitive user interface, while simplified lifecycle management extends device lifetime and reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces time to market for device deployment, improves IoT outcomes and accelerates ROI, allowing customers to focus on delivering business value

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