World’s most advanced eUICC compliant SIM with embedded multi-IMSI switching technology unveiled by Eseye

AnyNet+ SIM

Fully GSMA compliant AnyNet+ eUICC SIM allows for dynamic and seamless switching between network providers, with additional full fallback capabilities

16 July 2020: The world’s most advanced GSMA compliant eUICC SIM with in-built multi-IMSI switching technology has been unveiled today by pioneering global IoT connectivity specialist, Eseye. The new AnyNet+ SIM solution will greatly simplify and improve global commercial IoT connectivity.

Since 2007, Eseye has led the way in IoT connectivity, launching the world’s first multi-IMSI SIM in 2013. This latest evolution of its AnyNet Secure SIM technology combines the best of Eseye’s multi-IMSI capability< with the GSMA eUICC standard, offering IoT customers the most advanced solution on the market today. Tom Rebbeck, IoT Research Director at analyst firm Analysys Mason, says “The move to eUICC helps to remove another barrier for IoT adoption. It makes it simpler for enterprises to add connectivity to devices, and then to manage those connections. This should help enterprises in a number of ways including by increasing flexibility and lowering costs.”

The AnyNet+ SIM, offered in both embedded eSIM and removable SIM form factors, is uniquely designed with multiple bootstraps (multi-IMSI), or network profiles.  This means that, when coupled with Eseye’s Connectivity Management Platform and an extensive list of network interconnects, the AnyNet+ SIM card can rotate between the bootstrap profiles to find optimum coverage on another network. It also features a two-way interchange between the bootstrap and the eUICC step 2 profile (which localises the SIM to the network) to enable a fallback capability. This eliminates the risk and associated cost of the device being disconnected and allows customers to meet any current local legislative requirements, such as those that ban permanent roaming, while accommodating any changes in the future regulatory landscape.

The entire process is enabled through the Eseye’s Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SM-SR) capability, which is fundamental to how Eseye delivers seamless and reliable global IoT connectivity.

Alternative IoT eUICC SIM solutions adopt a single global bootstrap approach, which is unable to offer high levels of global network connectivity and removes any fallback options once an over-the-air (OTA) network change is instigated. This dramatically increases the risk that some devices would be unable to connect after deployment.

Nick Earle CEO at Eseye, comments: “We are delighted to unveil the AnyNet+ SIM: the most advanced GSMA compliant eUICC SIM for commercial IoT.  But not all SIM cards are built the same. The new eUICC standard brings benefits to mobile phone users; however, it does not provide a suitable solution for commercial IoT devices which require significantly more flexibility to change networks post-deployment.

As a pioneer of leading-edge IoT connectivity solutions, we’ve taken the eUICC standard and fused it with our existing multi-IMSI technology, supported by our AnyNet Connectivity Management Platform and unique SM-SR functionality, to create the world’s most reliable IoT eSIM. The AnyNet+ solution is a game-changer, ready to empower our customers to unlock the full potential of IoT by delivering near 100% connectivity – the highest quality of service available on the market today.”

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