Eseye Helps Spidertracks to Revolutionise Flight Data Monitoring and Save Lives

  • Spidertracks Spider X system utilizes Eseye’s AnyNet Cellular IoT network to make virtual flight data monitoring economically possible for the Commercial General Aviation industry.
  • Equipment helps to deliver a safer, smarter, more efficient aviation operation.

3 November 2020: Aviation incidents can be prevented and lives potentially saved thanks to features made economically possible through cellular IoT connectivity. Aircraft tracking, management and communications specialist, Spidertracks, has selected Eseye, the UK-based cellular IoT connectivity specialist, to connect its ‘plug and play’ flight data monitoring systems for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, via cellular connectivity for proactive data analysis and to promote safe flying.

Credit: Maverick Helicopters
Credit: Maverick Helicopters

Spidertracks’ Spider X virtual flight data recorder system, features dual communication channels, utilising a satellite connection for tracking, but cellular connectivity to collect a richer set of aircraft data which is automatically uploaded to the AWS IoT Core via Eseye’s secure connectivity service, where it is analysed once the aircraft is on the ground. This information is then used to provide insights as well as enable the 3D playback of the flight for future learning purposes. With cellular data significantly cheaper than satellite data plans, Spidertracks can proactively gather as much information as possible to be used later for insightful trend reports. Data enables reactive incident responses and informs proactive safety measures and training – preventing accidents from occurring.

Eseye’s AnyNet Secure® SIM technology and Connectivity Management Platform, means that Spidertracks can ship a single product SKU to aircraft in any of the 130+ countries where it operates, straight out-of-the-box. The AnyNet Secure SIM can switch between multiple networks to achieve near 100% global connectivity and uptime, whilst providing Spidertracks with simplified billing and technical support.

The Spider X platform facilitates easy entry for aircraft operators into flight data monitoring by lowering the barriers and cost of entry, thanks to its ability to ‘plug and play’. With tracking and safety features so critical in aviation, operators using Spidertracks perform in a wide range of industries, from firefighting and airborne law enforcement missions, to wildlife inspection and flight school operations.

Spider X
Spidertracks Spider X

Steven Whitaker, COO at Spidertracks, comments: “Our mission is to support the ongoing safety initiatives within the global general aviation community and believe widespread adoption of flight data insights will drive even higher levels of safety. We are focused on taking the complexity out of data, firstly by making it simple to access no matter where you are located and then using the power of cloud processing to derive powerful insights that enable proactive safety decisions. As we roll out these game-changing capabilities, we have been excited to hear the response from customers as they see new opportunities within their businesses.”

Whitaker continued, “We chose Eseye to help us on this mission because we wanted a connectivity solution which complimented our ‘plug and play’ ethos with no intervention needed, as traditional flight data monitoring systems have been complex to setup and install. Eseye were incredibly easy to work with and were with us every step of the way from initial designs right through to deployment and ongoing technical support.”

Nick Earle, Chairman and CEO of Eseye, comments: “Spidertracks is a fantastic example of how cellular IoT is helping to make the previously impossible, possible. Not too long ago, flight data monitoring equipment was too costly to be fitted on small aircraft. Yet Spidertracks has turned this notion on its head. By utilising Eseye’s reliable, ubiquitous cellular connectivity solution, Spidertracks can transmit flight data seamlessly and cost-effectively into AWS to enable analysis within minutes of landing. We’re proud to be part of this innovative approach to promote safer flying.”


Eseye empowers businesses to embrace IoT without limits. We help them to visualise the impossible and bring those solutions to life through innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions that enable our customers to drive up business value, deploy differentiated experiences and disrupt their markets.

Our pioneering IoT cellular connectivity solutions, versatile hardware, technical consultancy and round-the-clock support allows businesses to overcome the complexity of IoT design, development and deployment. We guide them every step of the way, so they can move forward with IoT projects without the fear of getting it wrong. Supported by our unique AnyNet Secure® SIM technology, Connectivity Management Platform and a powerful partner ecosystem, we help more than 2,000 customers to seamlessly connect millions of devices across 190 countries, agnostic to over 700 available global networks.

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