What is a Connectivity Management Platform?

Ian Marsden

Founder & CTO

What is a Connectivity Management Platform?

A Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) is an interface that gives you complete visibility and control of your connected IoT device estate. It enables you to manage IoT device lifecycles, connectivity and costs with real-time billing, alerts, reports, and diagnostics.

Here’s a guide to understanding a connectivity management platform; what it is, what it does, and how it benefits an IoT project and deployment.

With the number of devices in IoT deployments ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands (or more), having the right tools to ensure optimum connectivity and manage devices and deployments is crucial to success.

The best IoT-managed connectivity cellular solutions offer access to multiple mobile networks to provide widespread and resilient connectivity.

At the heart of these solutions is a connectivity management platform (CMP) that provides:

In this article, we outline the key functions and benefits that a good CMP provides.

Key functions of a Connectivity Management Platform






Benefits of using a Connectivity Management Platform

Manage your connectivity with Eseye

Our AnyNet managed connectivity solution includes a single, global, proprietary Platform as a Service (PaaS) Connectivity Management Platform.

With access to over 700 mobile networks across the world and seamlessly integrated with the AnyNet+ SIMs, the AnyNet CMP provides optimum connectivity for all our customers’ devices from when they first power up through to end of life, wherever they go, or whatever changes in their environment.

We operate our own Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) capability within the AnyNet CMP for eUICC network switching.  The CMP can also use our standard switching tools for network operators that don’t offer eUICC capability. Whichever switching method is used, the CMP provides secure, GSMA compliant, over-the-air network switching, without requiring any MNO intervention.

With efficient tools for managing IoT estates and APIs for seamless integration with back-end systems, the AnyNet CMP simplifies the complexity of connecting large IoT deployments in multiple locations.

With the technical barriers removed, there is no limit to the potential of your IoT devices. 

Ian Marsden

Founder & CTO


Ian has a passion for developing technology-based solutions that deliver real improvements to businesses, the environment and quality of life.

Previously he co-founded CompXs to deliver the world’s first ZigBee design. Prior to CompXs, Ian held senior software leadership roles at Philips and has since spearheaded the ground-breaking innovation of our global AnyNet Secure cellular solution.

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