Adopting SGP.32: What Enterprises Need to Know

SGP.32, the latest advancement and IoT standard in Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP), promises a more streamlined and user-friendly approach to managing connectivity for constrained IoT devices. Soon it will become the standard as SGP.02 is gradually transitioned out.

However, it’s not a magic wand to switch standards – adopting SGP.32 requires careful planning and integration, especially for Enterprises with existing IoT deployments.







Get a copy of our whitepaper to clue up on: 

  • Understand the standard’s technical specifications and frameworks for eSIM and RSP architecture
  • Explore the evolution and benefits of the SGP.32 standard
  • Get the practical steps and strategic recommendations needed to adopt and seamlessly migrate your Enterprise IoT across to the SGP.32 standard
  • Debunk common myths and understand the realities of SGP.32 implementation
  • Analyst advice on what to look for in a managed SGP.32 provider

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