Why IoT Projects Fail

Integrations and Hardware Complications

According to Beecham Research Report – 74% of all IoT projects are deemed a failure by the organisation. A key reason for this is the complicated nature of IoT – specifically the difficulties in getting data to integrate and IoT hardware at the edge to connect. Learn more about these challenges in the executive summary.

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Case Study

Gilbarco Veeder-Root was searching for a way to maximise M2M connectivity and solve the issue of in-country roaming. In Europe, Gilbarco Veeder-Root needed a single solution to prevent multiple negotiations and different contracts for each territory. Its incumbent provider often referred to the breadth of coverage, but their service desk support was insufficient when connectivity was intermittent or failing.

Eseye solved all of Gilbarco Veeder-Roots connectivity and support issues. With a single intelligent eSIM, the AnyNet Secure SIM providing near 100% connectivity, one invoice for global connectivity, and round-the-clock technical support, Gilbarco Veeder-Root have found a simple, secure connectivity solution for their intelligent forecourts.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s forecourts now have failover solutions and continuity, thanks to the AnyNet Secure SIMs ability to find the best available network coverage. They no longer need to navigate the complex connectivity landscape, negotiating with mobile networks on contracts in different territories. With Eseye, global cellular connectivity is made easy with a single invoice and single glass pane management, not to mention technical support they can rely upon when they need it most.

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Build your IoT Ecosystem with AnyNet Integrate

Secure IoT

Securing IoT Devices through Data

Identifying not only how much data your devices are using – but where that data is being sent is critical for identifying advanced hacking attempts and security flaws early. Learn more about how our unique technology and API’s allow you to keep your IoT estate secure.

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IoT Insight

Can your IoT Ecosystem benefit from AnyNet Integrate?

Our RestAPI allows you to unlock

  • Valuable Insights into your device behaviour
  • Advanced threat and anomaly detection and remediation
  • Monitoring of device uptime and identification of problems
  • Rapid integration of 3rd Party tools into your IoT ecosystem
  • Monitoring of IoT device connection status and location

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