“Together with AWS IoT – we are transforming the industry” Nick Earle, Eseye CEO


In an exclusive interview with IoT Now, Eseye CEO Nick Earle discusses being an AWS Advanced Technology Partner for IoT the changing face of the IoT cellular industry  as global hyperscale cloud providers increase their influence, and the opportunities every new business with their first venture into deploying IoT.

“What AWS do is disrupt and simplify. All you need is a browser and a credit card and five minutes later you have access to a data centre in the cloud” says Nick Earle. It is this transformative attitude that has enabled AWS’s growth. Now this disruption is happening to the cellular IoT market.

The wide-ranging interview also includes remote management of device security and most crucially of all for customers – how to simplify the journey from concept to a fully functioning IoT product that works in the real world.

Also covered in this interview:

  • Why a zero-touch, single SIM, single SKU plan is the ‘holy grail’ for cellular IoT
  • The power of AWS and their ‘simplify & disrupt strategy’

How eWaterPAY have innovated and inspired with Eseye cellular enabled IoT devices to win the GSMA GLOMO Award for Outstanding Contribution to UN Sustainable Development goals Read the full interview

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