The problem with basic eUICC for IoT

eUICC is the global standard for switching a SIM’s main mobile network profile over-the-air. However it was predominantly designed for the consumer market and therefore has some problems for commercial use. Discover more about it’s capabilities, potential and challenges.

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How Next-Generation eUICC Can Help Your IoT Project

Avoid Permanent Roaming

Load new network profiles over-the-air whilst maintaining fallback networks to provide near 100% global connectivity.

Localise Connectivity

Our Multi-IMSI technology rotates between multiple mobile network profiles for access to over 700 networks.

Connectivity Performance

Seamlessly switch networks quickly and effectively to achieve greater uptime, performance and value.

Advanced eUICC

Maintain fallback connectivity for a stronger solution

Upload new Step2 profiles to your devices over-the-air (OTA) to localise them to the region where they are deployed. All while maintaining Bootstrap IMSIs, giving you access to over 700 mobile networks worldwide to fall back on if you need them.

This lets you reduce costs and increase connectivity. No need to compromise. Download the Infographic to see more about how it works.

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How Your Devices Could Connect In America

We can deploy each device with multiple Bootstrap profiles and Step2 profiles before localising each device to the AnyNet Federation members through our Connectivity Management Platform. In this instance, Verizon has been loaded as a localised Step2 IMSI profile and is now the default profile for the IoT devices. The Bootstrap IMSI profiles remain as a backup in case the devices ever have issues connecting to Verizon.



Our AnyNet+ eUICC and Multi IMSI SIM

Comprehensive, reliable global connectivity managed by our AnyNet Connectivity Management Platform.

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Our Connectivity Management Platform Take control of your IoT connectivity

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