Products and Services

Products and Services

Eseye offers a range of products and services to suit the needs of businesses reliant on M2M technology, from clients requiring data connectivity to enable a device, or businesses looking for convenient out-the-box solutions to integrate within their systems and improve operations. 

From ready-to-order SIMs, routers and monitors to managed connectivity, real-time reporting and dashboard application services, Eseye has a range of tools and talent at its disposal, to help businesses do everything from solve a simple connectivity issue to transforming their operations.

Eseye SIMs are designed to provide uninterrupted 3G data connectivity even in the most remote of locations, and our robust routers are available with a range of features that ensure market-leading levels of reliability.

Our popular AnyNet SIM is at the heart of our solutions, and has been developed with a Multi IMSI option, so global devices can benefit from local rates as well as the AnyNet's prized unbroken connectivity and over-the-air reprogramming. Our monitors and meters are ready to use straight out of the box and help businesses reduce waste, meet regulatory compliance, and limit the environmental impact of industry.

As well as devices and products that are ready to order, we modify and develop our solutions to offer more bespoke options that meet changing client specifications, so get in touch to talk specifics.

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Eseye Customer Testimonials 

We’re proud to say we deliver you the magic five 9s: 99.999% uptime; we provide global coverage, guaranteed; and that over 99% of our customers choose to stay with us…

But we’re sure you won’t just want to take our word for it, so here’s what just a few of our customers say about us too…

“Thank you for being so very responsive! You guys seem to have great prices on the data plan and great customer service, and that is what is really important! I have dealt with other companies here in the US trying to get static IP SIM cards and it was very difficult. I never could get the carrier to set us up with the right product we needed. I look forward to working more with Eseye in the future as we sell more of these products.”
John Clark, VP, General Manager, Chemtrac, Inc.

“Airmax is a company principally engaged in the provision of telematics solutions for the automotive industry. Airmax currently partners with Novacom Services in this area. Having made extensive investigation of suppliers in the industry I can confirm Airmax has chosen Eseye as its global supplier of choice for M2M solutions. Eseye's Anynet proposition, device management, customer service and end-to-end provision set Eseye apart for us.”
Steve Perham, CEO, Airmax Group Ltd

“I was looking for a way to maximise M2M connectivity and whilst our incumbent provider often referred to their breadth of coverage, the levels of support when connectivity was intermittent or failing was not so great. I also needed in-country roaming and this is where Eseye came in. Eseye was able to offer me a single point of contact and focus that comes from a smaller business who recognise the importance of customer support, but have a big business vision and technical prowess that rivals the largest telecom and M2M companies. More significantly Eseye provides me a one SIM solution for my M2M needs and they have helped us develop cost effective solutions to work with our new products.”
Robb Claxton, WSM Operations Manager, EU, Gilbarco Veeder-Root

“Our partner Process Instruments recommended Eseye to us and we feel that Eseye have a clear commitment to Customer Services. On the rare occasion things haven’t worked as we had expected the Technical and Customer Services Teams have brought about a swift resolution.”
Tim Gaston, UK Technical Manager, Clearwater Water Treatment & Air Hygiene Services

“It’s a fairly complex matter and I am dealing with people who seem to know what they are doing - this is quite unusual in technical matters that I have experienced”
Responsible at the Paragliding World Cup

“Cost considerations and simplicity of their multi-network SIMs as well as their APN implementation was what first attracted us to Eseye. The company has a very good understanding of our business and can now go as far as predicting our requirements. Further to this, they are very quick to respond to any of our technical challenges and do proactively prevent future issues occurring.”
Roger Stoney, General Manager, SmartMop – a Utilita Company


Welcome to Eseye

Would you like your business operations to be smarter, more cost-effective and guaranteed reliable?

Do you need them to be connected – and stay connected – anywhere in the world?  

And do you want to know you’re in control, with expert support to back you up whenever and wherever you need it?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then you’ve just found the right place!

At Eseye, our experts are here to help you harness the power and performance of our Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication solutions, enabling you to…

  • enhance your business performance
  • reduce your operating running costs
  • produce new and bigger revenue streams
  • improve your customers’ experience, satisfaction and loyalty

You’ll find our solutions are cost-effective…
Filling a market gap, we offer you affordable M2M connectivity and devices for as little as 1/3 of the price of equivalent alternatives… with no compromise on quality, functionality or reliability, guaranteed.

Tried, tested, proven… and trusted too…
Tap into our unique blend of experience, technologies and industry expertise to make sure your M2M works for you: whenever, wherever and however you need it to.

We’re proud to say that over 400 companies – including Utilita (Smart Meters and more), Coffee Nation (Costa to you and I) and Gilbarco Veeder-Root (integrated fueling solutions, or clever petrol pumps!) – already trust Eseye enabled M2M technology to do just that.

M2M is changing every day – can yours keep up?

We have so much knowledge and expertise and we like sharing… simply go to our our information centre where we have posted case studies and other great information, or give us a call...we’d love to hear from you! +44 (0)1483 685200.




Eseye Services

We let you focus on your core competencies whilst giving you access ours: complete M2M and communications solutions expertise. This ensures solution efficiency and user productivity and it reduces time and risks as well as provides predictable outgoings with flexibility for budget constraints and timing.

One of Eseye’s core strengths is excellent support in which we give you direct access to our support, engineering and product development teams.


What can we do for you?


Consultancy - Advice from our Experts

Our specific expertise in M2M, telemetry and low power radio means we can design and build your products more reliably and less expensively than generic systems integrators.

  • We can undertake all or part of the engineering required to get your wireless connected product from concept to market.
  • We shorten your development times by using our library of relevant hardware designs, firmware and enterprise software code and test servers.
  • We optimise the performance of your designs through deep expertise in RF hardware engineering and in communications systems for wireless connections.

Module and data prices have been dropping dramatically in the last few years; and we’re committed to passing these savings on to you… which means wireless-enabling a much wider range of devices and applications now makes perfect economic sense for you.

Examples to explore :

  • Hardware design – modem integration, schematic & PCB layout, enclosure design
  • Firmware programming – communications, data synchronisation and real-time applications
  • Software programming – communications, data management, databases and web portals
  • Manufacturing – sourcing components and arranging manufacturing (UK for low volume, transferring to Far East for high volume)

See a full list of our expertise here

Working with us, your project will typically go through several phases such as feasibility, specification, Design as well as many more. See the full list of anticipated project phases. We can even provide you with a complete turnkey service – supplying products to meet your specification and agreed price point.


Device Management & Maintenance Services

These services include include both hardware and connectivity and consist of a complete piece-of-mind device level management services as well as solutions maintenance services.


Call us to discuss what stages your project might have or how we can help ensure your solution is completely managed from first deployment on +44 (0)1483685200.

M2M gets more powerful every day – is yours keeping up?

Information Centre

Information Centre

We know M2M inside out, back2back, end2end, top2toe… in fact our experts are so passionate (some would say geeky) they live and breathe M2M, so you don’t have to (phew!) – but you can tap into their expertise.

So, what would you like to know about M2M?

Feel free to download our guides and reports, consult our white papers or perhaps view or join a webinar – we prefer sharing knowledge with you, not keeping it to ourselves!

Eseye: we’re not just about systems and technologies; we’re about sharing information with you too ... so subscribe to our Information Centre now and be in the know!

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Welcome To Our Blog

Well OK, possibly not ‘hip’, but certainly if it’s happening in Eseye, happening in machine automation technology or just happening to our engineers, then it will be here.

It’s your window onto our everyday world – a chance to catch up with what we’re doing, keep up to date with the latest developments and stay up to speed with this ever-changing M2M ‘stuff’!

We hope you enjoy!


In The News

In The News

The latest news and information about Eseye and from the world of machine automation technology is generally featured on our Eseye Blog

You can also follow us on Twitter, ‘like’ us on facebook and join us on LinkedIn too:

And if you have any queries, questions or just useful snippets you’d like to share drop us a line on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . '; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text76612); document.write('<\/a>'); //-->\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We look forward to hearing from you!

So, remember to come back soon and join the debate!


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