5 Inspirational Eseye & AWS #IoT use cases to celebrate #WorldTelecomsDay


Starting in rural Britain Burkard Manufacturing are aiming to reduce the current 20-40% of crop losses to disease. By using cellular enabled in-field monitoring farmers are notified with accurate information, allowing them to minimise the cost and use of pesticides.

Moving focus to Africa, eWATERpay are bringing affordable clean water to those in need. To ensure the pumps are usable and maintained 24/7 all use the #AnyNetSecure, AWS connected cellular technology.

Staying in Africa, SolarNow are harnessing the sun to help power off-grid communities. Replacing the dangerous kerosene lamps with a solar powered solution that is remote monitored from the safety of the AWS cloud.

A different side of the planet but using the same resource, the Village Infrastructure Angels have used solar to power milling facilities in remote pacific islands.

Going global MikroElektronika have developed a cellular IoT plug-in board. For the easiest start to your IoT deployment the AnyNet Click seamlessly connects to the AWS cloud opening up a wealth of storage, analytics and management options.

To read more on these and other IoT projects, please see: https://www.eseye.com/case-studies/

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