About Charge Your Car

Charge Your Car is the UK’s pay-as-you-go electric vehicle (EV) charging network. For EV drivers, CYC makes it simpler and more convenient to travel across the UK. They provide a fully managed service that makes charge points accessible to all EV drivers, so that they can set the tariff for each charge point on the network and collect revenue from charge points on their behalf.


Reliable connectivity

Every charge point features an active display to indicate the status of the charge point, together with a telephone helpdesk number for assistance or to report a fault. In addition, a smartphone app is available to make it even easier to find and use the Charge solution.

Charge Your Car needed a reliable way of communicating between the charge points and their servers to monitor and charge for energy usage.

The solution

Eseye provided Charge Your Car with the AnyNet SIM to enable reliable communication over GPRS.

IoT enabled business critical data

With Eseye’s AnyNet solution, Charge Your Car are able to ensure they know exactly how much energy is being consumed and how much they need to charge to the customer both reliably and efficiently. There are approximately 1600 charge points already connected, with more being added every month.



Our AnyNet+ eUICC and Multi IMSI SIM

Comprehensive, reliable global connectivity managed by our AnyNet Connectivity Management Platform.

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Our decision to work with Eseye stems from the fact that we believe they are the only M2M specialist with such deep device and connectivity expertise. Their ability to manage the end-to-end connected solution for our fixed point EV charge stations was the main driver for our decision to choose Eseye as our partner. In addition, their 24/7 support for our infrastructure was key.

Alexandra Prescott Operations Director, Charge Your Car

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