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At Eseye we empower businesses
to embrace IoT without limits.

Ever since our inception in 2007, Eseye have provided innovative, global IoT cellular connectivity solutions which enable businesses to overcome the complexity of IoT.

Our market-leading AnyNet+ eSIM and Connectivity Management Platform were developed by our founders Paul Marshall and Ian Marsden, who previously pioneered the introduction of Zigbee communication standard which is now used in millions of devices around the world. Our products are esteemed by analysts and customers who recognise the value from our unique eSIM localisation and agnostic, virtual cellular network approach. Eseye is revolutionising IoT connectivity to make global IoT deployments easy, reliable, and secure.

Our international team houses brilliant, diverse minds and exceptional technical IoT expertise. Our customers count on us for our technical know-how – our hard-earned IoT expertise and insight is built from years of experience.

Working with us

Our role is to guide you through the complexities of IoT and show how to unlock its full potential.

We empower businesses to embrace IoT without limits. We help them to visualise the impossible and bring those solutions to life through innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions that enable our customers to drive up business value, deploy differentiated experiences and disrupt their markets.

We deliver innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions, versatile hardware, and technical consultancy and round-the-clock support that steer all industry verticals from their initial concept through to global deployment.

Our pioneering blend of next generation eUICC and multi-IMSI SIM technology allows enterprises to overcome barriers affecting large scale IoT deployments, such as poor connectivity coverage and permanent roaming restrictions, by using over-the-air localisation. With in-house edge IoT hardware, device certification, and onboarding expertise – we guide our customers through every step of their IoT journey, from device design, to global deployment and beyond.

The result? Seamless, near 100% connectivity agnostic to over 700 available global networks: a stronger IoT solution with greater uptime that ‘just works’ regardless of location.

It’s time to realise IoT’s potential – without limits.

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