Eseye Policy-Based Networking for IoT
Policy-based networking

Streamlined, tailored connectivity.

Our policy-based networking approach uses a software defined network (SDN) designed to optimise IoT connectivity across an estate and deliver the precise requirements of customer’ devices.

Software Defined IoT Networks

Next generation IoT networking.

Rapid IoT Device Onboarding

Rapid device onboarding

Our network enables devices to be rapidly onboarded. Your device policy and rules are easily turned into networks settings

IoT Security

IoT security

Segmented from other traffic, we provide end to end security, from the SIM, network and into the cloud

Optimised IoT Devices

Optimised for IoT devices

Accommodates your application requirements. The network settings and controls are configured to ensure your device just works!

Connectivity Without Compromise

Demand the best for your IoT project

We choose not to compromise and neither should you. We don’t use shared networks because we believe for IoT to be successful it must run on a network that is designed just for IoT. Other network solutions just can’t deliver the quality of service and configuration our customers expect.

Enhanced traffic visibility

This means we have greater visibility of the traffic. We are able to provide deep inspection of packets, trace and alert customers should we find something we need to draw your attention to. We can then agree to action changes and or corrective measures.

Eseye Policy-Based Networking Alerts

Security policy configuration

There is a fine balance in applying security rules to networks and devices. Underspecify and your data is easily compromised. Over-specify and the onboarding of devices turns into a big headache with devices being rejected, so our network and device experts are on hand to advise and optimise security.

Eseye IoT Security Policy Configuration

Data sovereignty

We use policy-based connectivity to keep you compliant with the latest data sovereignty rules.

We ensure your data is secure and kept in the right geographies to avoid those regulatory fines that can be as much as 4% of your global turnover.

Eseye IoT Policy-Based Networking - Data Sovereignty

Regional breakouts

We are connected to the key MNOs and cloud providers to support localised connectivity.

Having this key infrastructure in all the right places means you can plan your business growth on market attractiveness rather than where the right infrastructure is.

Eseye Policy-Based Networking - Regional Breakouts

Mission control for IoT connectivity, today and tomorrow.

One global partner, one platform, one contract for 100% global connectivity with flexibility and choice.