Eseye Regional PoPs
Regional Points of Presence

IoT network that performs.

Great connectivity is only possible if it’s built on solid foundations. That’s why our Points of Presence (PoPs) are located in resilient Equinix data centres around the world.

Regional Points of Presence

Connectivity right where you need it.

Always On IoT Connectivity

Always on

Delivering connectivity that’s always on. Our distributed network and PoPs enable us to deliver a highly reliable service

Low Latency Connections

Low latency

Our Points of Presence have resilient, low latency connections using our dedicated software defined network

IoT Data Sovereignty

Data sovereignty

We keep you on the right side of the data sovereignty laws by ensuring your data stays within the right geographies

Demand the Best Network

Enterprise-class infrastructure

From the SIMs to the Cloud, our PoPs are all specified to ensure IoT performance is optimal and resilient. This means you’re always on, ready to do business.

Better together

PoPs in the right data centres are more than just connections.

Equinix data centres are famed for creating local connectivity between strategic industry partners and suppliers. Being in the same building reduces the cost of connectivity and minimises latency between integrated applications.

Eseye Regional Points of Presence

Rapid scale-up

Having PoPs in all the right places means you can open up markets when you chose, without waiting for a data centre to be planned, built and opened.

By choosing Equinix as our infrastructure provider, we have access to more locations, which means you can start generating revenue faster.

Eseye Rapid Scale Up

Sustainable energy

The data centres in which PoPs are located can and do consume a lot of energy. Eseye’s PoPs are located in data centres that use sustainable green energy, so you can be confident were both doing our bit for the environment.

Eseye Regional Points of Presence - Sustainable Energy

Mission control for IoT connectivity, today and tomorrow.

One global partner, one platform, one contract for 100% global connectivity with flexibility and choice.