Connecting Telematics solutions with International Telematics


International Telematics use the multi-network AnyNet SIM to monitor mobile refrigerator systems across North America.


International Telematics specialises in advanced telemetry solutions and has helped develop and deliver the ibright® system. ibright® offers operators an advanced, easy- to-use system for tractors, straight trucks, dry trailers, refrigerated trailers and other assets for a full monitoring and management tool through one single platform. In a market that’s facing increasing regulatory pressures, it’s vital to maintain good connectivity that allows accurate monitoring and effective management decisions.


The AnyNet SIM is the perfect fit for the ibright® system. With Eseye’s network steering managed connectivity, the ibright® system can stay connected. The ibright® system must provide a constant stream of real-time data and with the AnyNet this can be achieved easily even when the device is in remote areas. International Telematics can ensure their system is always connected. “We are pleased to be working with International Telematics to deliver a service which makes a big difference for their customers and partners. The level of information delivered through ibright® is critical to any organisation transporting perishable goods, food stuffs and pharmaceuticals and as organisations demand more integration of data-monitoring, the reliability of connectivity becomes increasingly important.

We are delighted that the robustness and flexibility of AnyNet is helping International Telematics deliver a premium service to their customers.

Mark Riley

VP North America, Eseye


The broad functionality of the ibright® system is dramatically raising standards in the trucking industry. It is capable of much more than just the data capture commonly associated with standard telematics devices. The system combines GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver monitoring, extensive device connectivity for peripherals and on- board computing into a small but powerful business tool.

International Telematics has developed an award winning platform where our customers rely on as near real time information as possible; whether it’s reporting temperature alarms or downloading electronic driver logs, we provide the best possible service using AnyNet.

Craig Marris

President, NA, International Telematics

Eseye are proud to work with innovative businesses like International Telematics and provide them with reliable technology and expertise that will bring the best out of their solutions.

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