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Eseye bring TSI’s remotely monitored safes to life with the AnyNetTM SIM



Total Security Installations is a market leading family run business with over 40 years’ experience in the security industry. They provide intruder alarms, CCTV and access control solutions. With a strong background in safes, offering expert advice and installation, they understand their clients’ needs and how to deliver the best and most suitable security solutions.

TSI has been at the forefront of security innovations, inventing the Terry anti-hold up safe in 1972 as well as designing a range of free-standing safes. In an industry that relies on moving with the times and continuing to develop cutting-edge security solutions, they devised ProSyncTM, one of the first devices designed to enable the remote monitoring of cash safes, tracking a range of safe activity, from its location to its last user.

For organisations, especially in retail, where several people may have access to just one safe, human error can lead to any number of discrepancies. TSI’s solution is retro-fitted to existing cash safes and allows them to be monitored, audited and tracked with GPS. Safe users can be given different levels of access while pin access and automated reports help companies track when their safes were last opened and by whom. ProSyncTM allows users to centrally monitor and control cash safes and ATM vault activity by providing real-time information and alerts.


TSI works with a number of high profile clients, for whom security is a priority. For TSI to offer the full functionality of ProSyncTM and deliver a solution that truly meets its clients’ needs, reliable and affordable connectivity is essential. Working across a number of locations Europe-wide, TSI wanted a cost-effective network solution that offered a flat rate along with the flexibility to switch to the network with the best signal. Eseye’s flagship AnyNetTM SIM meets all these requirements.

Using mobile communication and the Eseye AnyNetTM SIM, there is no interference with the existing network on the premises, which allows secure and reliable connectivity. Eseye feed all the information relating to suspicious or unauthorised activity through our secure and fully redundant server to an authorised web portal. Deployed across a range of locations, ProsyncTM uses Eseye’s multi network solution to achieve the best data tariffs.


At TSI we were really impressed with Eseye’s SIM offering. Not only did they fully appreciate our needs and the markets we serve, but everyone from their sales team through to their support staff had a thorough understanding of our solution and the connectivity we required. AnyNetTM was exactly the right SIM for us, and we are confident it will serve our company with the most affordable and secure data reporting.

In our industry, security is crucial at every step of the way; we can’t take shortcuts or miss out important steps, and it’s clear from the measures they take to ensure data is secure and fully redundant, that Eseye places the utmost value on this too.

Demelza Staples

Business Development Director , TSI Ltd


The AnyNetTM was the most cost-effective connectivity solution for TSI. Delivering worldwide device connectivity wherever there is mobile coverage, irrespective of network provider, they get the best signal and a flat rate along with Eseye’s outstanding customer support.


TSI are a great team to work with and offer sophisticated security solutions. At Eseye, not only do we like developing our own devices but when companies come to us with really fantastic new products that need M2M enabling it’s a great opportunity to see the constantly expanding uses of M2M. The ProsyncTM is a superb device that we’re really proud to be managing the connectivity for. There’s nothing like it on the market and we’re sure it will pave the way for a new approach to security.

David Pearson

Business Development, Eseye

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