Improving connectivity to remote areas with Rennicks MTS


Eseye and Rennicks MTS share a commitment to enabling better remote management of services through excellent connectivity and pioneering technologies.


Rennicks Mobile Traffic Solutions are specialists in road signs and Variable Message Signs. The company has developed some of the most sophisticated portable VMS suited to a range of roads and motorways. As one of the UK’s leading forces in the drive to better manage road and transport systems, they aim to give their customers a complete mobile traffic management solution. Committed to the environment, their Advantage series units as well as the T25 remote trailer, utilise solar panels, while reducing noise pollution through silent technology. Like Eseye, they believe operations should be managed remotely where possible to save energy, time and resources, while making services greener.

Rennicks’ solutions are deployed throughout the UK, but the company recently experienced issues with communications in Scotland, where poor network coverage in remote locations was causing problems for some of its VMS. Loss of connectivity meant more site visits had to be made to manually adjust signs, which was proving to be costly while the root cause of the problem was not being addressed. Eseye was on hand to offer unparalleled managed connectivity.


By replacing an existing router with Eseye’s dependable Sunbird 3G router, complete with an Eseye AnyNetTM SIM the problem was fixed instantly. The Sunbird router is a dual-SIM router that guarantees continuation of service while allowing businesses to monitor, access and reconfigure any of their connecting devices without physically mobilising staff to sites. The AnyNetTM was the reliable SIM option for Rennicks, offering flexibility to either automatically or manually connect to a network with the strongest signal – and switching to another if there were outages – which provided the ultimate fail-proof failover solution.

After the success of the initial trial, Rennicks started to roll out Eseye AnyNetTM SIMs on new installations. Rennicks and Eseye are in discussions about routers that could benefit the whole VMS fleet through dedicated hardware and connectivity support along with the carrier independent multi network approach to connectivity.

Rennicks MTS is constantly delivering new solutions to make motorway signalling more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Our portable Variable Message Signs rely on the best possible connectivity, which is what Eseye offers with its AnyNet SIM. We’re very satisfied with our work with Eseye so far and they seem focused on understanding and meeting our business needs.

Neil Newsome

UK Sales Director, Rennicks MTS


Eseye is now working with Rennicks on its iWicket solution. Adhering to new regulations around remote management of traffic signs the iWicket allows motorway operatives and road maintenance staff to control lane closures and lane traffic guidance from a head office or using a controller a safe distance from the motorway. Eseye’s AnyNet solution and strength in R&D of enabled devices allowed the M2M specialists to find a cost-effective and technically superior offering to any other contractors.

You can’t really overstate how important excellent connectivity is when it comes to remote management. Drivers depend on accurate real time information – poor and scrappy connectivity just can’t be an option. It was crucial to Rennicks that they had reliable connectivity up in remote areas of Scotland, which is exactly what we helped them achieve. It’s very satisfying to know that our connectivity and customer support can enable Rennicks to do justice to their excellent VMS solutions and their newly launched iWicket. There’s no point in a sophisticated solution if you don’t have the technical support to bring out the best in it, and I’m proud to be part of that support for Rennicks.

Mathew Birkett

Smart Cities Manager, Eseye

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