10 IoT Trends to Watch in 2021 and Beyond


What’s next on the horizon for the Internet of Things?

Find out in our predictions report where we explore 10 of the biggest trends around IoT, not just in 2021 but beyond.

We review our predictions from 2020 and examine new trends that have emerged, principally driven by the effect of the global pandemic.

Download the full 2021 IoT Predictions Report to discover IoT business and technology trends.

How can IoT help combat COVID-19?

Explore innovations that are helping in the global fight

IoT technology has become a necessity in healthcare for its ability to predict, prevent and control emerging infectious diseases.

By harnessing its power, we can – and we will – intelligently combat COVID-19.

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Want more trends?

IoT predictions from 6 tech leaders

Gain insights from six industry leaders at Microsoft Azure, EY, Thales, Relayr, Chasm Group and Eseye in this exclusive report. Thank you to the following contributors:

  • Tony Shakib, IoT Business Acceleration Leader, Microsoft Azure
  • Dr. Miroslaw Ryba, Global IoT Leader, EY
  • Andreas Haegele, VP of IoT, Thales
  • Josef Brunner, CEO, Relayr
  • Peter van der Fluit, Principal, Chasm Group
  • Nick Earle, Chairman & CEO, Eseye
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