BAR Instruments smart metering
achieving maximum uptime

Ensuring Uninterrupted Utility Monitoring.

Discover how BAR Instruments achieved seamless data connectivity and maximum uptime with Eseye’s innovative IoT solutions.

The quest to achieve maximum uptime

BAR Instruments provides smart metering data loggers for oil and gas, energy and water
operators in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Its IoT-connected data loggers enable the
remote monitoring of critical measures within the water industry, such as level, flow rate, and

Each device is equipped with a modem and a SIM card, which transmits data collected from
sensors to the customer’s server. This is normally done once per day as a minimum, with
frequency matched to the customer’s needs. The effectiveness of the service hinges on BAR
Instruments’ ability to communicate this data in real-time, so its customers – who are primarily
governments and government organizations – can be confident the updates they receive are
totally accurate.

The business started working with Eseye in 2009, on a quest to achieve the high levels of
connectivity and device availability that are pivotal to this ability.

Why BAR Instruments chose Eseye

Reliable Connectivity

Maximum Uptime

BAR Instruments data loggers are always connected to the most available and reliable network thanks to Eseye’s patented multi-IMSI technology.



Eseye's multi-IMSI AnyNet+ eSIMs allowed BAR Instruments connectivity flexibility to overcome roaming charges and ensure data loggers maintained consistent data transmission.

Competitive Edge

Eseye's proactive support and innovative cellular solutions have helped BAR Instruments data loggers become more reliable than their competitors.

Reliable IoT coverage

Eseye’s multi-IMSI AnyNet+ eSIMs give BAR Instruments flexibility over the network its loggers
connect to, while also keeping a cap on costs. Each eSIM is preloaded with all of the relevant
carrier profiles, depending on where the logger is installed and the customer’s preferences.
Integration with Eseye’s Infinity IoT Connectivity Management Platform allows devices to
automatically and easily move to the strongest and most available network, switching instantly
if there’s an outage, or network latency impedes the data flow.

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Utilities Monitoring Redefined

Centralized Management

Eseye’s Infinity IoT Connectivity Management Platform enabled BAR Instruments to manage the SIMs installed across its entire estate. This made it easier to monitor, identify and investigate issues – for example a data logger not calling in, or even an unexpected increase in data rates.

The only IoT connectivity platform you need for your IoT estate, Infinity simplifies connectivity management and offers a real-time view of device connectivity status, network usage, and location data to surface deeper device insights.

IoT Connectivity Management | Infinity IoT Platform | Eseye

eSIM Localization

A major advantage for Dutch-based BAR Instruments is Eseye’s eSIM localization abilities, meaning the eSIMs can switch to different networks without incurring any extra costs for the end customer.

With a major mobile network operator (MNO), a logger installed near the German border, for example, might ‘hop’ automatically on to a German network because the signal is strong. This could lead to the customer being hit with high charges. Eseye’s localization capabilities mean there are no nasty surprises.

The use of a UK SIM also enabled customers to dodge any problems stemming from the Dutch government’s ban on the use of mobile phone numbers prefixed with 06 in IoT and M2M devices, to avoid running out of numbers for the public.

AnyNet Sim Bar Instruments

Always-on Connectivity

Near 100% uptime is essential for businesses that provide smart metering data loggers for oil and gas, energy and water.

At Eseye, we strive for always-on connectivity and our committed support experts ensure minimal interruptions. This approach guarantees reliable access to essential utilities for residents and businesses.

AlwAR Instruments smart metering

We can send an email or call and say ‘we’ve got a SIM card, it’s located there, what is it doing?’. This means the end customer gets great service. We are a small business, so when we win business we have to do it a little bit better than anybody else. That means everyone in the whole chain needs to be at that same level, and Eseye has helped us a lot with this.

Richard Barmentloo, Managing Director, BAR Instruments

At Eseye, we are dedicated to providing seamless and reliable connectivity. BAR Instruments, one of our valued long-term customers, highlights the importance of our mission. We have provided over 350 million seconds of uninterrupted service to their utility monitoring solution and know how crucial 100% availability is for their operations, especially over long periods.

Paul Marshall, CCO, Eseye

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