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Key building blocks to set your IoT energy project up for success

IoT projects can come across a number of stumbling blocks pre and post deployment. Being aware of the challenges you need to account for can be the success between your IoT project being deemed a success or a failure.

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Smart Streetlighting is one of the key methods for enabling the smart city. However enabling a smart city network is only as good as the connectivity and therefore uptime that supports it. Blackspots for coverage and difficulties for SSE (Mayflower) in managing multiple connectivity providers was holding them back. They needed to find a cellular connectivity provider that could offer global coverage, a centralised network, and easy scalability.


Through Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM and AnyNet Connectivity Management Platform – SSE have been able to accelerate the rollout of their devices – safe in the knowledge they can connect. What’s more they have been able to future proof their connectivity with the option to switch or localise network providers.


Today SSE have been able to roll out thousands of connected streetlights and seamlessly gather the data from them. The dependability of the connectivity has enabled SSE to greatly reduce the resource needed to manage their wide network of streetlights. Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced visibility and control of Smart Lighting assets
  • Enabled predictive maintenance, reduced engineer call outs
  • Centralised network management; single contract and bill
  • Reduced operational costs and carbon footprint.
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Success Story

The Eseye solution also offers one single global bill which combines the costs of network providers across all contracts. This aggregation means I can approach a customer in any location and easily understand the cost to me and therefore understand the cost to them. That capability coupled with the ability to provide a SIM that works for their geographical region is a tremendous advantage. This ability to remove the complexities of working globally is proving essential to our own growth ambitions

Barbara Hathaway, VP Engineering, Ovarro
Success Story

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