What are the key security risks in IoT?

Despite the plethora of opportunities that IoT offers businesses and consumers, it also poses major risks in terms of security. We offer a comprehensive IoT security solution from device to cloud to give organisations peace of mind that their device connectivity is in safe hands. Let’s look at the key security challenges for IoT…

Long detection times

If IoT devices are unchecked for long periods, security threats and vulnerabilities may go undetected, compounding the impact.

Single purpose IoT devices

The unsophisticated single-task nature of many IoT devices can make it difficult to include security software.

Lack of certificate based security

Many IoT SIMs lack more advanced certificate-based security measures – creating resource challenges.

Unsecure data transmission

Most IoT SIMs send data via HTTP over standard internet channels – increasing the risk of data being maliciously intercepted or lost.

Secure your connected devices from device to cloud

Deploy connected devices anywhere in the world without the constant worry about security, while maintaining a high quality of service.

Private APN

Robust security with Private APNs

Our APNs are custom-built gateways that sit between the cellular network and the enterprise. They provide authentication of the connections, allocating IP addresses and routing the data from the device to the cloud.

This eliminates the risks associated with using a standard internet APN. Thanks to the extended and robust IT infrastructure, our private APNs have you covered worldwide.

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Agentless security

Agentless security at the edge

In partnership with Armis® we can deliver the world’s first global, secure connectivity solution for any IoT device on any network. Armis integrates in the cloud for device inventory, risk assessment, and threat detection and response.

Together, this joint solution ensures organisations can deploy and access virtually any device globally with confidence.

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AWS IoT Security

Ultimate security with AWS

Our connection to AWS IoT Core enables AWS IoT Device Defender – a fully managed service that helps you secure your IoT devices.

Continuously monitor security metrics from devices and use AWS IoT Core to identify deviations on your defined data usage for each device. If something doesn’t look right, AWS IoT Device Defender sends out an alert so you can take action to remediate the issue.

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Learn how we give our customer’s complete peace of mind with our consistently high levels of device and data security.

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Secure IoT

Securing IoT data for global brands

Powerful device level security

With our IoT hardware and cellular connectivity solutions, you can benefit from advanced security options to protect your device and data.

Secure VPN

Secure VPN for IoT

Our VPN connection provides an additional layer of security and control, adding security against unauthorised access or hostile viewing of your data in transit. This is something that we recommend to all customers to ensure security whilst providing global connectivity.

IoT SIM Security

Lock SIMs to devices

Ensuring your SIMs are only used in authorised devices and locations is a key consideration for any IoT deployment.

To support this, we provide International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) lock, which allows a SIM to be locked to a device, preventing removal and use in a different device.

We also provide location lock, which ensure your SIM, and therefore device, can only be used in specified geographic locations.

Embedded eSIM

Embedded eSIM option

To reduce the risk of physical tampering with a device, we also have the option to embed a chip SIM.

This can be embedded on the printed circuit board (PCB) in the device and eliminates the risk of tampering – once soldered onto the device’s PCB it stays there.

Secure global IoT connectivity

Ensuring Venpay machines are connected in any location, including indoors, underground, or in rural areas for secure payments.

Secure IoT Connectivity

Switching across different local operators is the major benefit and improvement we were looking for, Eseye helped us overcome the connectivity issues we had in several locations, where a single operator couldn’t provide the minimum signal required to maintain an acceptable service level to our customers and users.

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Secure IoT Connectivity

Secure your IoT from Device to Cloud

Download this whitepaper and learn how we can help you secure your connected solution from device to cloud by:

  • Enhancing device-level security
  • Using our private APN to provide a secure connection
  • Securing your data from device to cloud

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