New IoT collaboration will speed up time-to-market for connected retail vending providers

New IoT collaboration  will speed up time-to-market for connected retail vending providers

Guildford, UK, 12 March 2015 – Eseye and Device Insight are proud to announce a strategic partnership for connected retail vending. The launch of an integrated and complete solution will enable the two companies to offer significantly quicker time-to-market for vending machine manufacturers looking to reliably connect their machines and derive meaningful data sets to make intelligent decisions.

Connected retail vending is a rapid growth IoT area, with M2M/IoT research firm Berg Insight reporting 18.4% growth in the number of installed machines in 2014, and predicting growth at a CAGR of 18.5% until 2019. The majority of vending machine manufacturers and service providers are looking to drive benefits such as higher asset utilisation ratios, operational cost reductions, secure and reliable automated card or mobile phone payments, reducing or predicting site visits for repair and maintenance, and the ability to offer new services such as consumer advertising.

Connecting a vending machine in retail presents a challenge because the machine manufacturers, or service providers, typically do not own the shop floor, nor do they have control over the wired and wireless communications infrastructure in which a machine is placed. This in turn creates efforts in maintaining business critical connectivity for payments, telemetry data, monitoring for ongoing maintenance and data security.

To alleviate these efforts, many machine manufacturers opt for cellular connectivity as a means of ensuring connectivity regardless of where a machine is located. But there remain challenges around mobile network selection and the need for continuous network availability. With over 600 existing customers and devices under management in 96 countries, Eseye solves the pain of connecting machines in retail. The company provides the device expertise and multi IMSI roaming managed cellular connectivity, as well as ongoing 24/7 technical support, to ensure that intelligently connected machines are able to provide reliable service to consumers.

With its CENTERSIGHT® platform Device Insight has proven its expertise in delivering ongoing data management with easy-to-access visualisation and meeting the scalability challenges which exist when capturing and managing large sets of data from a fleet of machines. CENTERSIGHT® is a highly scalable IoT/M2M platform based on a central server system operated in failsafe data centers, thus guaranteeing connection with machines and devices around both the clock and the globe. It presents a large industry agnostic, yet customisable, application suite platform which includes M2M data acquisition, data analysis, visualisation & reporting, condition monitoring & alerts, remote service and device management, and has been installed with over 150 customers across many industries globally.

“It was a partnership waiting to happen! We genuinely feel that the combination of both companies’ technical IoT expertise, Eseye’s managed AnyNet connectivity services along with Device Insight’s CENTERSIGHT® application offers the perfect solution for retail vending machine manufacturers looking to gain rapid market entry with a turnkey solution. Having worked with Device Insight over the past months we have welcomed the opportunity to partner with them in this particular market.” – Fred de Haro, SVP Global Sales, Eseye.

Both Eseye and Device Insight have a device manufacturer, network and platform agnostic approach to their solutions development and the partnership is not exclusive. Both companies are actively engaged in projects working with other partners delivering on similar objectives.

“It is important for us to remain neutral in our approach to customers to ensure they receive the best possible service. We have, however, found in Eseye, a partner that is equally as passionate about building and delivering service excellence and we have enjoyed working with likeminded IoT experts over the past months to drive a successful delivery for retail vending customers.” – Marten Schirge, Head of Sales, Device Insight.

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About Eseye

Established in 2007, Eseye is a leading provider of global cellular internet connectivity for IoT devices, delivering Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions to businesses serving key areas of connected home, connected enterprises and connected cities. With headquarters in Europe and offices in North America, Australia, Africa and Asia, the company designs and develops innovative long-life solutions focused on real business outcomes while offering a ubiquitous connectivity layer and unparalleled lifetime service and support. Eseye cover a large global footprint counting managed connectivity customers in 96 countries and continue to deliver the most robust and reliable worldwide network for the Internet of Things.

About Device Insight

Device Insight is a leading provider for IoT/M2M platform solutions for machines, vehicles and devices. The modular platform CENTERSIGHT® provides the standard functions such as data acquisition, reporting, condition monitoring as well as remote service and alarming.

The company which was founded in 2003 has successfully delivered 150 IoT/M2M projects and more than 500.000 devices are connected to the platform CENTERSIGHT®. Today, the product is in operation in more than 15 countries in industries like retail, energy, facilities management, industry, automotive and health care. The company provides guidance along the entire M2M-value chain: From business case analysis to implementation and continuous operation. Device Insight’s IoT/M2M solutions help customers to significantly lower operating costs, to improve service quality and to generate additional revenues.

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