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Istvan Lajtos

Istvan Lajtos

Head of Product Management


The difference between connectivity from mobile network operators (MNOs) and connectivity from Eseye’s Infinity IoT Platform is that we have designed and built our solution specifically for the IoT.   

Every IoT deployment is unique – only expert connectivity management can offer the right choices and solutions every time. 

IoT connectivity optimisation 

Crowned ‘IoT Product of the Year’ at the 2022 Computing Technology Product Awards, the Infinity IoT Platform is at the heart of Eseye’s IoT connectivity solution.  

Infinity’s mission is to build on our SIM technology and underlying infrastructure to enable secure, reliable end-to-end data transport for every IoT device in every customer estate – any time, any place, anywhere. 

It’s a challenge.  

IoT deployments can consist of many thousands of devices. These devices can be located – or might move – around the world. And the piecemeal offerings from country-based MNOs aren’t joined up to provide the global, ubiquitous connectivity that IoT needs.  

Read on to learn how Infinity overcomes the challenge and puts you in control of your deployment’s connectivity. 

Firm foundations support the Infinity IoT Platform™

The AnyNet+ multi-IMSI, eUICC SIM is fundamental to achieving reliable connectivity. This sophisticated technology and our device design and onboarding services ensure that devices will work reliably in the AnyNet ecosystem. 

The AnyNet Federation is a mobile network alliance giving Eseye access to over 700 networks, through interconnects and roaming contracts with major mobile phone operators in 190 countries. This federation enables us to provide near 100% coverage around the globe. 

Our communication network is built using multiple, resilient Point of Presence (PoP) and private Access Point Names (APNs), linked by a high-speed, secure MPLS network. Security and reliability underpin all our operations. 

Flexible, configurable options for VPNs and routing rules ensure that data transmission is fast and secure in both directions. 

The AnyNet+ SIM

The Infinity rules engine makes connectivity work 

Infinity’s rules engine is designed to enable every device in every estate to connect to the network that best suits its requirements – and stay connected no matter what.  

The rules control and optimise which network each device should connect to and what actions to take if connectivity is degraded or the device moves location. Rules are configured based on factors such as the device location, preferred networks, other available networks and roaming options. They also take into account constraints such as roaming restrictions and data sovereignty requirements.  

When devices are connected, the Infinity rules engine triggers actions to maintain optimum connectivity.  

For example, it might steer a device to roam on a better performing network or instruct it to change networks to avoid roaming. Network profiles can be downloaded over-the-air (OTA) if devices need to connect to a new network. 

Infinity rules are designed so that devices behave well on the networks and don’t incur operator penalties for overusing resources. For example, rule definitions include how often to attempt an action and the maximum retry attempts if an action fails. 

Infinity IoT Data Control
The award-winning Infinity IoT Platform

Tailored rules for your deployment 

When you deploy your estate with Eseye, our experienced engineers configure your SIM settings and connectivity rules to meet your specific business needs. They take into account factors such as: 

Engineers identify the best set of bootstrap IMSIs to use in your SIMs. These ensure that devices can connect out-of-the-box no matter where the devices are located.  

If your devices later need a localized connection to a different network, a profile for that network can be downloaded to them OTA. 

Data for monitoring and billing 

Infinity collects comprehensive connectivity information about every device. This includes: 

The platform provides high level views for monitoring aggregated estate data and showing global traffic flows. It can drill down to individual device data flows on a day, hour or minute basis. 

Infinity triggers device alerts based on factors such incurred charges, data or other services exceeding pre-configured limits or if it detects that a SIM has been installed in another device. SIMs can be automatically suspended if suspicious behaviour is detected. 

Detailed device data is used to create accurate billing records for the single, global invoices produced for each estate. 

Data for diagnostics and optimisation 

Infinity uses the data to identify unexpected behaviour, such as a device constantly switching networks. It can also show trends and patterns, helping to detect problems and anomalies with network performance. 

The data enables decision making based on current conditions. For example, if diagnostics show that performance on one network is degrading, devices connected to that network can be steered or switched onto another network. 

Remote control: SMS messaging 

Infinity includes a sophisticated suite of applications and tools to manage secure SMS messaging to devices. SMS communication means devices can be managed remotely, avoiding costly site visits. 

Infinity uses SMS messaging to configure and control devices. For example, it can update SIMs with the connection rules and preferred networks, steer and switch devices, and manage eUICC localization operations. 

Our customers can use the Infinity IoT Platform™ or APIs to communicate with their devices using SMS messages. 

APIs for seamless integration with your systems 

The Infinity Software Development Kit (SDK) and APIs enable seamless integrations to other platforms and systems. This gives you the flexibility to monitor and manage your devices in the best way for your business. 

We offer REST APIs to manage devices and SIMs, view metrics and connectivity data at device and aggregated levels, view billing information and use SMS messaging. 

Our PUSH API provides near real-time data on device connections and data flows. 

More choice and control for our customers 

For many of our customers, Eseye manages connectivity behind the scenes. We tailor your connectivity rules to meet the specific requirements for your deployment, ensuring near 100% global connectivity for your devices. Devices provisioned using Infinity will connect out-of-the-box and stay connected.  

But we can also put more control in your hands – so you can choose the connectivity that works best and most cost-effectively to meet your business goals. 

Bring Your Own Contract (BYOC) 

If you’ve negotiated great rates with one (or more) network operators, you can bring those contracts into Infinity using our BYOC option. We configure your SIM settings and connectivity rules to connect your devices to your preferred carriers, ensuring that you benefit from your hard-won deals and can optmize your costs. 

And if there’s a problem with one of those carriers, Infinity can act as a backup and switch the devices to another network until service is restored. 

Configure your own rules 

Although many customers are happy for Eseye to manage their device connectivity, some customers want a deeper level of control over how the connectivity rules work for their devices. 

For these customers, we provide an interface to the Infinity rules engine and the support required to enable precision tuning of rules to meet specific commercial and technical connectivity goals.  

As with BYOC, Infinity can provide fallback capability if customer-selected networks suffer performance degradation or devices move to new countries or regions. 

Your connectivity, your choice 

We can provide your IoT estate with the optimised connectivity you need – whether you want us to manage it all for you or whether you want more fine-grained control over the configuration and rules.  

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Istvan Lajtos

Istvan Lajtos

Head of Product Management


Istvan’s telecommunications career spans more than twenty years in a variety of roles, including product management, technical account management and marketing. Istvan leads on product management with expertise in communication technology strategy development, smart city technology and IoT, 4G to 5G mobile network evolution to secure content delivery.