Nick Earle

CEO & Chairman


Network Orchestration, otherwise referred to as Software-defined networking (SDN) orchestration, allows dynamic control and automatic programming of the network’s behaviour using automated rules.

The desired outcome of network orchestration is to clearly distinguish network services from network components and enable frictionless interaction between the hardware and software devices, domains, management systems and vendors.

Discover what network orchestration is and why it’s so important

Types of network orchestration

How network orchestration works

Network orchestration is a holistic operation performed by a single network controller. The goal is to coordinate every part of the network so that it performs in perfect harmony. The network controller has in-depth network expertise and grounded knowledge in the architecture and infrastructure.

Enterprises with more than 250 users and 25 or more IoT devices can particularly benefit from network orchestration to help run their operations. Networks can be difficult to manage especially when IoT deployments are vast, and devices are active across many markets and geographies.

The network controller dictates the requirements and translates these into processes by setting up programmatic RESTful APIs that automate tasks across devices and management platforms. Using state, status, and device configuration, workflows are intuitively built.

Combining network orchestration and network functions virtualization (NFV) unlocks Enterprises’ ability to deploy IoT with unprecedented flexibility.

Five benefits of network orchestration

Three Enterprise Network Orchestration Use Cases

In each case, major industry players are building and often buying network focussed solutions to enable the management of large IoT deployments.

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Nick Earle

CEO & Chairman


Nick spearheads Eseye and believes in connectivity that ‘just works’; that makes people’s lives and jobs easier; connectivity that’s invisible. He’s a visionary business leader with a distinguished career in technology spanning more than 30 years, spanning large corporations and dynamic start-ups and oscillating between start-ups and global IT, tech and transportation companies.

Previously, Nick led organisations and cross-company transformation programs for two $50B global corporations; Cisco where he ran the Cloud and Managed Services business as well as their Worldwide Field Services function, and Hewlett Packard where he ran the global Enterprise Marketing function and the internet transformation strategy.

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