Nick Earle

CEO & Chairman


Since Eseye’s inception in 2007, our co-founders, Ian Marsden and Paul Marshall, had one clear vision. They wanted to change the world of IoT connectivity forever.  

Fast forward nearly two decades, Eseye has celebrated many ground-breaking technology market firsts. From the inception of ZigBee to pioneering multi-IMSI SIM technology and developing an advanced eUICC eSIM localisation solution which solves the challenges of IoT permanent roaming in challenging regions such as Turkey, Brazil, and the USA.  

Now we welcome a new chapter. It’s time for IoT to go beyond.  

But it’s more than a tagline. It’s a belief.  

At Eseye, we go beyond what’s possible and embrace the unseen possibilities. We understand that true innovation lies in envisioning what others can’t yet see. By staying ahead of the curve, we anticipate the future and empower our customers to navigate the unknown with confidence. 

The world of IoT is complex. When it comes to deploying IoT, some risks are clear to our customers from the outset — others they won’t have considered. But with over 15 years’ experience in the IoT industry, delivering more than 1,000 IoT projects for customers, we’ve learned the hard lessons and know the pitfalls to watch out for.  

We see IoT differently. IoT hardware is still the number one challenge for companies and it’s no surprise that 80% of IoT projects fail due to issues at the device level. The numbers speak loudly. In fact, it’s the reason our customers first approach us. We begin by getting the device right: it’s the foundation that underpins everything. 

Then we build a custom road map to help customers deliver IoT right first time.  

Nobody does IoT better.   

The future is bright, bold and exciting, with endless opportunities for our customers, partners, shareholders and employees to strive for success.  

Together, let’s go beyond.

Nick Earle  

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Nick Earle

CEO & Chairman


Nick spearheads Eseye and believes in connectivity that ‘just works’; that makes people’s lives and jobs easier; connectivity that’s invisible. He’s a visionary business leader with a distinguished career in technology spanning more than 30 years, spanning large corporations and dynamic start-ups and oscillating between start-ups and global IT, tech and transportation companies.

Previously, Nick led organisations and cross-company transformation programs for two $50B global corporations; Cisco where he ran the Cloud and Managed Services business as well as their Worldwide Field Services function, and Hewlett Packard where he ran the global Enterprise Marketing function and the internet transformation strategy.

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