Hardware for deployment

100% targeted global connectivity straight out-of-the-box

Over a decade of pioneering M2M research, development and deployment has gone into the creation of out-of-the-box and customisable hardware that accelerates your IoT Implementation. As a result of our acquisition of Dataflex, a long-standing communications hardware provider coupled with our ground-breaking AnyNet Secure technology, you get over the air (OTA) control, transfer and enhanced security in a pre-configurable piece of kit. Easily integrated into a range of IoT products, as an off-the-shelf solution configurable for your needs, our hardware products get you from concept to deployment fast. If you need wide-reaching roll-out and near 100% connectivity for your IoT deployment, yet don’t want to start from scratch, our hardware is fastest and most cost-effective way forward.

The HERA600 series

The Hera600 Series cellular routers give you out-of-the-box adaptable M2M connectivity or can be personalised by Eseye for your specific use case.