How to Supercharge eUICC for IoT? – IoT Uncovered

Over the last two blogs, we explored What is a Multi-IMSI SIM and What is eUICC. We uncovered their differences, strengths and potential for commercial IoT but also exposed their weaknesses too. In the third part of our IoT Uncovered series, we’ll reveal how businesses can overcome the risks caused by the eUICC standard and … Continued

World’s most advanced eUICC compliant SIM with embedded multi-IMSI switching technology unveiled by Eseye

Fully GSMA compliant AnyNet+ eUICC SIM allows for dynamic and seamless switching between network providers, with additional full fallback capabilities 16 July 2020: The world’s most advanced GSMA compliant eUICC SIM with in-built multi-IMSI switching technology has been unveiled today by pioneering global IoT connectivity specialist, Eseye. The new AnyNet+ SIM solution will greatly simplify … Continued