Global Telematics Provides Real-Time Information & Improves Safety

VDS embarked on a journey to create a comprehensive turnkey race tracking solution that could and engaged a specialist developer in tracking applications. 

With global expansion in mind, they needed devices that could be easily connected in multiple locations as far apart as France to Guadalupe.

Learn here about how the Eseye AnyNet SIM with MULTI-IMSI capability streamlined their global deployment.

Races cross physical borders, but also into areas with challenging cellular network coverage, which could make it more difficult to track races. With the new devices VDS Racing was used in a rally car race across Northern Africa and easily tracked competitors across wide open expanses and different countries. Eseye’s AnyNet Secure SIM and connectivity service offers automatic network switching to guarantee high levels of connectivity, which is perfect for our customers’ needs
Jerome Ballet
CEO of VDS Technology