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IoT Innovation Secures Valuable Package Distribution

With 20 – 60% of parcels failing to be delivered, the founders of BT Final Mile recognised something needed to change. This challenge fundamentally impacted on every link in the distribution chain, not to mention the negative effect on the environment too.

The BT Final Mile concept was simple. They wished to rent lockable boxes to both consumers and businesses, so that parcels would be delivered first time, every time. BT Final Mile looked to IoT and Eseye, a global provider of end-to-end IoT managed services, for the answer.

Success Story

With the BT Final Mile UK network of intelligent lockers a company can promise its engineers that parts will be closer to hand. This, in conjunction with BT Final Mile distribution services, ensures that engineers can receive parts when required which results in less time on the road, a reduction in CO2 and more time delivering the best service possible for the customer.

Steven Maddison, Managing Director, BT Final Mile
Success Story

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