Eseye MNO Integrations
Mobile Network Operator Integration

Enabling network localisation.

Each AnyNet interconnect involves deep integration with that mobile network operator (MNO) to enable our advanced connectivity optimisation and eUICC capabilities, delivering localisation capabilities around the globe.

MNO Interconnects

Delivering localisation where you need it.

Avoid Permanent Roaming Restrictions

Avoid permanent roaming

Our deep MNO integrations deliver the power to localise your devices when and where needed to keep them online

Seamless Network Switching

eUICC enablement

Full SM-SR and SM-DP integration with MNOs enables control of the network switch whilst meeting the eUICC standard

Maximise Device Up-Time

Maximise performance

Network localisation means you avoid any power save issues (PSM or eDRX) often found when roaming

Maximise Connectivity

Future-proofed, flexible connectivity

Our deep MNO integration delivers eUICC network localisation across a wide range of partners, resulting in higher device uptimes for you and your customers.

Flexible integration options

We provide multiple integration approaches with our mobile network operator partners to accommodate their preferred integration methods.

This includes the use of direct profile loading for multi-IMSI bootstraps, using our SM-SR to load IMSIs into our own SM-DP to provide eUICC network switching, or fetching profiles from those operators who prefer to maintain control of their IMSIs on their own SM-DP.

Carrier Localisation with Eseye AnyNet and eSIM AnyNet Federation

Future-proofed connectivity

Our unique connectivity approach facilitates smooth migrations from one operator technology model to another and leverages the AnyNet Federation to manage global network deployments, with a single global platform providing a flexible and future-proofed solution.

Eseye SM-SR Switching MNO for eUICC eSIM

Evolve with technology

Benefit from expanding support for upcoming SG.32 and SM-DP+ technologies as they mature in the IoT connectivity market.

Our specialist network engineers are continuously exploring how new technologies can help maximise localisation capabilities and connectivity around the globe for customers.

Eseye MNO Integration - Evolve with Technology

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