Saving Planet Earth Through Sustainable IoT

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On April 22nd, the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day, a day dedicated to reflection and action on environmental preservation.

As we confront the challenges of climate change and resource depletion, IoT emerges as a powerful ally in the quest for sustainability.

In this blog, we delve into how our customers are harnessing IoT to make the world a better, greener place.

Rhino rescue

The rhino population is declining at an alarming rate as poachers target them for their horns.

Rhino Conservation Botswana (RCB) has taken bold steps to safeguard in the Okavango Delta.

With Eseye’s cutting-edge IoT technology, RCB now monitors rhino movements and ensures their safety more effectively than ever before. By deploying Eseye’s AnyNet+ eSIM technology which are safely embedded into the Rhinos , RCB enjoys seamless connectivity across Delta’s rugged terrain, empowering them to make informed decisions and respond swiftly to potential threats whilst elimating wasteful plastics that comes from classic Chip SIMs.

With Eseye managing the connectivity process, RCB can devote its full attention to conserving and growing rhino populations, marking a significant stride towards a sustainable future for these endangered species.

SolarNow, a leader in sustainable energy solutions in Africa, is dedicated to empowering remote communities by leveraging off-grid solar technology, eliminating the dangers of kerosene lamps.

To enhance its impact, SolarNow partnered with Eseye to integrate IoT technology using Eseye’s AnyNet+ eSIM technology. This collaboration seamlessly integrates with the AWS IoT Core platform, enabling SolarNow to analyze data with precision and scale its operations swiftly and securely.

This has created a smart energy solution that not only transforms lives but also makes a significant contribution to environmental preservation. To date, SolarNow’s initiatives have prevented over 350,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

eWATERPAY partnered with Eseye to develop an IoT-connected tap, allowing rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa access to clean water.

eWATERPAY ensures access to clean water while promoting sustainable practices. So far eWATER has installed 787 smart taps which can be accessed using mobile payments, fostering transparency and accountability in water usage. This not only improves the livelihoods of local communities but also contributes to the conservation of precious natural resources.

Overcoming scalability challenges in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, Eseye’s connectivity solutions ensured nearly 100% uptime, benefiting over 367,000 individuals and dispensing more than 1.3 billion liters of water. Additionally, the bolstering of water supply in water-scarce regions improves the agricultural output of local farmers which in turn allows them to invest in climate-smart agricultural (CSA) practices.

Smart farming represents a transformative shift in sustainable agricultural practices. Precision Animal Solutions REDI system for early detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in cattle exemplifies smart farming innovation, empowering farmers with efficient, sustainable practices.   

BRD is the most common cause of mortality in cattle. Early and accurate diagnosis is critical, but this is usually done through human observation. This is extremely time-consuming, and many cases are picked up too late, costing the US beef industry approximately $1 billion per year.   

When cows are ill, their behavior changes drastically: they’re less social and don’t eat/drink as frequently. Monitoring behavior in real-time, REDI uses lightweight sensors attached to the cows to track their location and detect early sickness symptoms. Our award-winning IoT connectivity solutions seamlessly integrate with REDI so they can achieve remarkably high levels of connectivity and uptime globally.  This innovative approach not only enhances animal welfare but also minimizes losses for farmers.   

As agriculture embraces IoT, REDI highlights its potential to drive positive change and ensure future food production sustainability. Recognized for its impact and innovation, Precision Animal Solutions’ REDI system has earned a nomination for the 2024 GLOMO Award for Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs. 

Biotecture maintains and enhances green infrastructure installations worldwide. Biotecture’s stunning living walls and gardens become more than just aesthetically pleasing features in urban landscapes—they become living showcases of environmental responsibility. 

By integrating Eseye’s IoT solutions, Biotecture gains real-time, remote monitoring capabilities that ensure their living installations always thrive. From monitoring humidity and temperature to tracking water flow, Eseye’s technology provides crucial data for proactive maintenance and optimal care of plants. 

With Eseye AnyNet Multi-IMSI SIMs inserted into irrigation controllers, Biotecture gains precise insights into each irrigation zone’s performance. This level of accuracy allows for early detection of irregularities, empowering Biotecture to provide top-notch service and swiftly address any issues that arise. 

Biotecture continues to spearhead sustainable urban development, crafting vibrant, eco-friendly spaces, where cities thrive in harmony with the natural world. 

We recognize the pivotal role IoT plays in advancing sustainability across various industries. By seamlessly integrating our award-winning global cellular connectivity technology into everyday operations, Eseye is proud to support   our customers as they utilize IoT for a greener future by helping them design, connect and deploy their solutions without compromising efficiency or reliability. 

Eseye author


IoT Hardware and Connectivity Specialists


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