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In the realm of innovation, IoT emerges as a cornerstone, enabling groundbreaking solutions to reach their full potential.

At Eseye, we’re a company built on the foundation of innovation. Our Co-Founders Paul Marshall and Ian Marsden blazed a trail in the world of connectivity, pioneering Zigbee, the communication standard embraced by millions of IoT devices worldwide.

Innovation plays a pivotal role in IoT. It is the driving force behind the development of new technologies, solutions, and applications that continually push the boundaries of what is possible.

In this blog, find out how we’re supporting our customers who are driving innovative solutions in their respective markets, providing invaluable benefits to their users.

Track and Tracing the Connected Cow

Smart farming represents a transformative shift in agricultural practices. Precision Animal Solutions’ REDI system for early detection of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in cattle exemplifies the tangible benefits of innovation in smart farming.  

BRD is the most common cause of mortality in cattle. Early and accurate diagnosis is critical, but this is usually done through human observation. This is extremely time-consuming, and many cases are picked up too late, costing the US beef industry approximately $1 billion per year.  

When cows are ill, their behavior changes drastically: they’re less social and don’t eat/drink as frequently. Monitoring behavior in real-time, REDI uses lightweight sensors attached to the cows to track their location and detect early sickness symptoms. Our award-winning IoT connectivity solutions seamlessly integrate with REDI so they can achieve remarkably high levels of connectivity and uptime globally.  This innovative approach not only enhances animal welfare but also minimizes losses for farmers.  

Precision Animals Solutions’ REDI system exemplifies smart farming innovation, empowering farmers with efficient, sustainable practices. As agriculture embraces IoT, REDI highlights its potential to drive positive change and ensure future food production sustainability. Recognized for its impact and innovation, Precision Animal Solutions’ REDI system has earned a nomination for the 2024 GLOMO Award for Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN SDGs.  

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Telli Health’s innovative remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions are transforming post-COVID-19 by enabling the remote tracking and managing patients with hypertension outside traditional clinical settings. Partnering with Eseye, their RPM devices are embedded with Eseye’s AnyNet+ eSIM technology, allowing access to over 700 networks worldwide, and ensuring complete uninterrupted connectivity. This collaboration positions Telli Health as a pioneer in the market, being the first to introduce an eUICC-certified medical IoT device approved for connectivity across all US cellular networks. The significance of this advancement is profound and guarantees seamless connectivity between RPM devices and healthcare providers. It enables real-time data transmission and integration into existing electronic health records, ultimately enhancing healthcare accessibility and delivery on a global scale. 

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Innovative IoT is changing the environment we live in. For the better. It can rejuvenate rural communities across the globe and protect the environment for future generations. That’s precisely what eWATERPAY is achieving through innovative water management systems implemented across rural African communities.

eWATERPAY partnered with Eseye to develop an IoT-connected tap, revolutionizing rural communities access to clean water. This solution enables mobile payments, ensuring transparency and sustainability in water management. Each tap integrates IoT, NFC, and mobile money technologies for uninterrupted, affordable water services. Overcoming scalability challenges in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, Eseye’s connectivity solutions ensured nearly 100% uptime, benefiting over 367,000 individuals and dispensing more than 1 billion liters of water.  

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As we celebrate Innovation Day, Eseye’s technology continues to drive progress across diverse industries, illuminating pathways for innovation through robust IoT connectivity solutions.  

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We are honoured to partner with so many customers who are at the forefront of innovation in their fields, from smart cattle to healthcare and beyond.  

The likes of Amazon, Shell and Costa Coffee benefit from our decades of end-to-end delivery and ability to solve the complex intricacies of global IoT. 

Our IoT cellular connectivity solutions give our customers the edge they need to differentiate in their highly competitive markets and deliver enhanced user experiences.  

From concept to deployment and beyond, our team is here to be part of your team. Your success means as much to us, as it does to you.  

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Eseye author


IoT Hardware and Connectivity Specialists


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