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Asset tracking IoT Success

Zero Motorcycles Achieve Peak
Performance with Seamless IoT

Discover why Zero Motorcycles chose to partner with Eseye and t42 to power the world’s first smart connected motorcycle.

The World’s First Fully ‘Smart’ Motorcycle

Considered ‘the Tesla of the motorbike world’, Zero Motorcycles manufactures cutting-edge electric motorcycles that it ships worldwide. In 2017 it created the first fully ‘smart’ connected motorcycle, the SR/F, which has truly changed the industry. Today, Zero manufactures up to 10,000 vehicles a year, which are bought by customers in 32 countries.

The SR/F’s unique features are enabled by IoT connectivity that supports two-way communication between the bike and the driver, and Zero Motorcycles itself – all powered by Eseye’s multi-IMSI AnyNet+ eSIMs.

t42 provides its Helios system as a complete turnkey solution, with built-in IoT connectivity
powered by Eseye’s white-labelled AnyNet+ eSIMs.

Initially, Zero had tried to handle the development of the motorcycle’s connectivity itself, but
the task was too complex. It began to hunt for a partner that would be capable of taking on the
entire connectivity aspect – a connectivity provider that would be able to support them for the long run.

Why Zero Motorcycles chose Eseye

IoT Security Specialists

Reliable Connectivity

With unbeatable connectivity uptime to support the SR/F’s mission-critical features, customers can depend on full, real-time visibility of their bike’s status and performance.

Future-Proofed System

The capability to upgrade software on the go and over-the-air means there’s no need to recall the motorcycle. The burden of staying connected is completely removed from Zero’s shoulders.

IoT Security Specialists

Opportunities for Growth

Eseye’s comprehensive global cellular coverage means that Zero can consider market expansion and scale outside of the US and further afield.

Reliable IoT coverage

Eseye’s multi-IMSI AnyNet+ eSIMs allows t42 to provide Zero with a seamless IoT connectivity solution – packaged and managed within the Helios system – that meets all of its unique and demanding requirements.

Having signed agreements with every major mobile network operator across the globe, Eseye
gives Zero Motorcycles access to more than 700 networks in over 190 countries, resulting
in greater than 99.5% connectivity uptime.

The SIM embedded in each bike’s tracking device can be loaded with multiple network user profiles, allowing t42 to localize it to the owner’s market, and priorities network choice by quality in line with Zero’s strategy. If there’s any drop in performance or outage, the AnyNet+ eSIM switches the device automatically to an alternative network.

Stable, reliable cellular connectivity was critical. Zero Motorcycles ultimately needs its bikes to be connected wherever they are and with maximum uptime.

Maxim Perry, Account Manager at t42 for Zero Motorcycles

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IoT Asset Tracking Success

Intelligent connectivity

At the heart of the SR/F’s functionality is the Helios system manufactured by t42, a specialist in wireless tracking and management of vehicles and drivers.

The system combines GPS technology and cellular GSM technology to monitor and protect the bikes, while allowing Zero to offer advanced information and security features to its customers. These include real-time data on location, speed, power consumption, and battery status, as well as safety alerts.

It was particularly crucial that the SR/F motorcycles would be able to maintain connectivity in the US, where they are assembled before being shipped, and overcome the permanent roaming limitations being imposed in the country.

Complete control 

Sensors within the Helios device collect telemetry data from the vehicle on a variety of points, for consolidation and processing.

The rider receives a clear and detailed picture of how their motorcycle is performing in the moment, and can use the e-call feature in case of emergencies; if they’re not able to do so the device triggers it automatically.

t42 facilitates over-the-air updates for software, firmware, and maps, along with remote management of connectivity performance and SIM activation. This provides Zero Motorcycles with vital data on power consumption and charging efficiency, aiding in the enhancement of bike usability and optimization of charging cycles and batteries.

Venturing into new markets 

With the increase in electric transportation demand, Zero Motorcycles expects to triple its production in 2024.

There are future opportunities to enhance efficiency by providing operational information on factors such as power usage.

Zero Motorcycles are capitalizing on these future opportunities and are confidently navigating their growth trajectory and ensuring sustainable success in the dynamic automotive industry landscape.

We’re revved up to be working closely with the team at t42 on its Helios Tracker which is installed in Zero Motorcycles. The Zero SR/F motorcycle is a groundbreaking achievement in the world of transportation. And the very first to be connected. We’re proud at Eseye to power this connectivity and help drive forward the future of motorcycling with two cutting-edge companies.

Anand Gandhi, SVP Enterprise Solutions, Eseye

The most important thing for Zero is that connectivity just works – and it does. From their side, it’s all completely seamless. Eseye had the edge here as it was the first provider to offer roaming over Verizon, as well as AT&T and T-Mobile.

Maxim Perry, Account Manager at t42 for Zero Motorcycles

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