Everything you need for IoT success, from idea to outcome

Accelerated by eUICC enabled technology, connectivity is moving from transferable SIM cards, to become embedded in the device, for its full lifespan. This is why we believe your IoT project should start with device design.

By choosing Eseye you will benefit from more than a decade of global IoT deployment experience. Our in-house expertise in IoT device design, combined with our unique technology, provides you with a single SIM solution, services built on unparalleled cellular connectivity, enhanced security and specialist ongoing support.

Our managed IoT services provide everything you need to deliver your IoT project successfully, from idea to outcome.

Eseye-enabled technology is deployed with hundreds of customers worldwide. We can do this for you too.

We are IoT specialists delivering:

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Successful IoT business outcomes begin at the device level. Involving Eseye early, in the cellular optimisation stages, is essential to the success of your IoT project.

To increase connectivity resilience and reduce risks to your deployment, it’s crucial that you focus on the device, early, with experts. Poor device design risks patchy and unreliable connectivity, unnecessary operational costs and more frequent in-the-field failures.

We’ve pioneered technology that gives you absolute control and visibility of your devices post-deployment. Building on our innovation, you can deploy a single SIM SKU worldwide with the highest possible connectivity. And over the air (OTA) control means you can grow your IoT network without huge increases in management costs.


It starts with the device: We are experts at device design for maximum connectivity whilst reducing risk and TCO


If you are as excited about the endless possibilities of IoT as we are, check out the help, support and developer tools available


Got an idea that you want to develop fast with high-end module hardware? We can accelerate your time to market with our own Dataflex range of devices


Network independent. Maximum possible connectivity. Everywhere.

Through our pioneering AnyNet technology, we help you to achieve near 100% universal connectivity for your M2M enabled devices. We work in partnership with MNOs to ensure maximum geographic reach, while delivering network agnostic connectivity. Wherever in the world you deploy IoT, we’ll work to get you connected, and keep you connected.


A single SKU. Zero-touch delivery. Worldwide.

With our ground-breaking AnyNet Secure cellular technology, you only need to design, deploy and manage a single SKU. Even if your IoT deployment is global, and spans numerous regions, countries and networks, our AnyNet Secure connectivity is all you need. It massively reduces the time, cost and complexity of your IoT development and deployment when compared with the standard, fixed-network approach. And, thanks to innovative over the air (OTA) switching, you can manage all the devices in your network from a single, remote location.




Connectivity Management

Giving you visibility of your IoT infrastructure

To be certain of getting business value from your IoT deployment you need visibility of your devices. You need to know when they are communicating, how much data is being used, and any issues with connectivity. Our technology supports API integration of over-the-air (OTA) performance monitoring, for both device and network. With Eseye you can monitor the performance of all your global devices from a single remote location.

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Advanced Security

Zero-touch, SIM embedded security certification of each device

Our award-winning AnyNet Secure for AWS technology uses a unique method of establishing security certificates for each device deployed. No human involvement is required. There are no passwords to use, or numerical codes to enter. The unique security certificate for the device can be set at manufacture. Once deployed, the security policy and certificate are triggered, and a replacement is delivered over the air. The automated process is entirely zero-touch. This makes device provisioning remote, fast, cost-effective and highly secure.

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Cloud Integration for Data Analysis

Using cloud-based infrastructure is likely to be the most cost-effective way to manage large data sets and to enable rapid upscaling and data analytics capability. Extremely secure, and instantly scalable, our IoT solutions are designed to integrate quickly with all major cloud providers, including: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Once you are established with a cloud provider, you can easily scale your data management capability alongside your growing IoT estate, while still maintaining low TCO.

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AWS Advance Technology Partner, IoT Competency

Collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2016, we quickly became an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, IoT competency; the first cellular connectivity provider to do so. Our flagship AnyNet Secure SIM & Cellular technology is fully integrated onto AWS IoT management console, providing a ‘jaw droppingly’ simple process that will drive your data onto the secure, low-latency global cloud storage provided by AWS.

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Global Support

Deployment only marks the end of the beginning in IoT. Your M2M network needs constant monitoring, every day, throughout its life to ensure it keeps delivering. Our expert support services deliver proactive monitoring to keep you connected. To help you to manage costs, and only pay for what you really need, we offer four support tiers: Premium, Enhanced, Standard and Free. Your choice depends on your unique IoT application and business needs.


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