How IoT is Helping to Maintain Social Distancing

Connected Health: the True Value of Good IoT Connectivity

How IoT Can Combat Covid-19

Welcome to the Everything-Connected World

Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) Trends

The turn of the decade marks IoT’s 21st birthday but will be remembered as the year that COVID-19 swept the globe. In this blog, we examine the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) trends of the moment – a turn of phrase coined by Gartner – and share our thoughts on how IoT can protect the … Continued

Staying Connected in a Crisis: How Emerging Technology and Data can Reduce the Impact of a Pandemic

The world is facing a once in a generation crisis, its scale matched only by the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to 1920. Citizens face huge restrictions on the way they live their lives, cut off from loved ones and their livelihoods threatened. Meanwhile governments the world over battle with huge challenges trying to project … Continued