Nick Earle

CEO & Chairman


As Christmas approaches, it brings with it increased consumer demands and a surge in activities as industries prepare for the festive rush.

Behind the scenes, IoT plays a pivotal role in ensuring their seamless operations. But IoT devices and smart connected products are only as good as the connectivity that powers them. Whether it’s facilitating reliable EV charging up and down the country or supporting uninterrupted remote patient monitoring solutions during the Christmas season, we keep our customers’ IoT estates connected around the clock. Because IoT never sleeps. Even during the holidays.  

In this blog, find out how we’re powering a connected Christmas across a variety of industries, providing invaluable benefits to our customers and their users amid the peak season.

Fueling Christmas Road Trips

As Christmas travel intensifies, reliable EV charging is essential. In the first quarter of 2023, more than 2.3 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide, a 25% uptick from Q1 2022. And all of those cars need charging before those drives home for Christmas! Our AnyNet+ SIMs ensure seamless connectivity and network switching, reducing service disruptions during the festive rush for our customers at Shell Recharge, InstaVolt, and Charge your Car.

As the holiday season boosts the demand for festive themed hot drinks like gingerbread lattes and black forest hot chocolates, Costa Express relies on our multi-RAT technology for robust, global connectivity. Our Hera routers connect via cellular and WiFi, offering multiple fallback options to minimise machine downtime. Over 90 integrated sensors facilitate machine health monitoring in real-time, ensuring uninterrupted service and quick issue resolution during the Christmas period. Our technology contributes to a positive customer experience, ensuring everyone’s got their festive hot drinks for the road.

In the healthcare sector, we support remote patient care company Biofourmis to keep its devices constantly connected during the busy Christmas season. Its wearable biosensor device keeps track of patient’s vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure and oxygen levels. Using Eseye’s global connectivity, Biofourmis guarantees that its customers’ devices will continue to track data and pass it back to healthcare professionals, regardless of where their patients spend the holidays. Together Eseye and Biofourmis offer peace of mind and uninterrupted care to individuals and families using their wearable technology during the festive period.

Transporting Christmas Presents

Amazon enhances its holiday logistics by using our AnyNet+ SIM technology in its smart delivery lockers. Our seamless connectivity ensures vital real-time monitoring which proves invaluable during the Christmas rush, enabling Amazon to optimise its locker network, streamline deliveries, and guarantee customers receive their packages promptly in time for Christmas.

As the holiday season is well underway, Eseye’s advanced technology takes centre stage across various industries. Much like Santa, our award-winning global cellular connectivity can be relied upon during the demanding Christmas period. In diverse sectors, Eseye’s connectivity solutions redefine operations, enabling continuous services and reinforcing the importance of a seamless user experience.

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Nick Earle

CEO & Chairman


Nick spearheads Eseye and believes in connectivity that ‘just works’; that makes people’s lives and jobs easier; connectivity that’s invisible. He’s a visionary business leader with a distinguished career in technology spanning more than 30 years, spanning large corporations and dynamic start-ups and oscillating between start-ups and global IT, tech and transportation companies.

Previously, Nick led organisations and cross-company transformation programs for two $50B global corporations; Cisco where he ran the Cloud and Managed Services business as well as their Worldwide Field Services function, and Hewlett Packard where he ran the global Enterprise Marketing function and the internet transformation strategy.

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