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Delivering a unified global connectivity and hardware solution

In the Customer Connection, we speak with our customers and partners about their experience of working with us at Eseye. In this video, we caught up with our partner and customer, Micro Systems.

Micro Systems is a specialist in cutting-edge embedded electronics solutions: it designs and manufactures high-performance process control and user interface boards, as well as developing management software.

Watch this video testimonial to hear from Francesco Melegoni, Sales Accounts Manager who explains why Micro Systems chose Eseye as its cellular connectivity partner. Find out how together, Eseye and Micro Systems, deliver a unified connectivity and hardware solution that can work anywhere in the world.

Case Study

Micro Systems is a specialist in cutting-edge embedded electronics solutions. It designs and manufactures process control and user interface boards for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) across a variety of sectors, as well as developing management software. The team partner with best-of-breed suppliers to ensure an exceptionally high-performing solution, while freeing end customers from the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. Micro Systems’ priority for selecting a connectivity provider was to find a single partner that could provide a unified global M2M SIM card solution.

Micro Systems found what it was looking for in Eseye’s AnyNet+ multi-profile, intelligent SIM card. Eseye has roaming agreements with leading mobile operators covering 190 countries, giving it access to more than 700+ networks. This enables an IoT device equipped with the AnyNet+ SIM to connect dynamically and seamlessly to the best available network, wherever it’s being used. Network profiles can be pre-loaded to the SIM before it’s shipped.

Devices can also be localized over-the-air post-deployment, on power-up, via Eseye’s AnyNet intelligent IoT connectivity management platform, which provides near 100% uptime globally. This breaks down the permanent roaming barrier for customers, and improves latency speeds for a superior quality of service.

Since 2014, Micro Systems and Eseye have partnered on more than five projects and thousands of devices are active in the field. These include the development of Fassi Gru’s Internet of Cranes® (IoC) – an innovative IoT system designed to provide Fassi and its users with real-time information on a customer’s fleet of cranes.

Francesco Melegoni, Key Account, Micro Systems spoke of the partnership, “We couldn’t imagine a different or better solution to manage thousands of SIM cards deployed all over the world. Now we sell the connectivity as a service for our customers and, thanks to Eseye, we have the ability to give a full solution with complete management over the connectivity.”

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