Mobile health with Just Checking


Eseye’s connectivity enables Just Checking’s exceptional telehealth system


Just Checking is a telehealth system used by families, social services and health service providers to help people remain in their homes. The system relies on sensors in a person’s home to register movement and generate a chart of daily living activity, which can be viewed online.. Unlike video cameras, the sensors are not intrusive and allow full freedom to the individual as well as providing families with much-needed peace of mind.

The system is ideal for elderly parents who may be living with dementia or Alzheimer’s and are finding daily routines like cooking and washing a challenge. Just Checking brings a greater understanding of capability, and allows families or social services to judge when a person is managing independently, or when in the day or night help is needed. Minimal help at the right time postpones the need for residential care, and extends the time a person can stay in their own home, which is where they want to be.


Just Checking needed an affordable connectivity solution that wouldn’t tie users to a single network and would work anywhere in the UK. Social services use the system for assessment, requiring the freedom to move the kits from house to house. Eseye’s AnyNetTM SIM allows all of this, and the beauty is the just Checking system is both simple to install and doesn’t require a broadband connection.

85% of local authorities now use Just Checking, with many recording significant savings. Dorset County Council has saved £200,000, while Warrington Borough Council has saved £40,000 by using Just Checking to reshape its night services. With so many organisations benefiting from Just Checking, it’s vital that connectivity is as cost-effective and reliable as possible – this is where Eseye refuses to compromise.


Just Checking helps people to live independently in their own home and it’s critical that we provide this service reliably 24/7. It’s been a pleasure working with Eseye on finding the best managed connectivity solution for Just Checking. The system has had a tremendous response nationwide and we’re seeing significant savings made not just by local authorities but families looking at cost-effective alternatives to residential homes. Eseye has given us support at every step of the way and I’m really impressed with the knowledge and depth of understanding not only of their technology but of our product too.

Simon Price

Technical Director, Just Checking

The Just Checking system is a wonderful way of keeping people in their homes while allowing loved ones to feel they can still be on hand to help if there are any issues. A solution like this, however, just wouldn’t work without excellent managed connectivity. In the telehealth sector, reliable connectivity is a crucial and potentially life-saving tool and I’m really glad that Eseye are able to make such a difference in this field. I couldn’t be happier to be working with a organisation who share Eseye’s high standards.

David Pearson

Business Development, Eseye

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