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Philips Motiva is an interactive TeleHealth platform, expertly designed to allow people with chronic conditions such as: Chronic Heart Failure, Diabetes Mellitus, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to be monitored from the comfort of their own home. With data sent direct to their healthcare provider, both patients and care staff are empowered to manage the condition with greater flexibility. Able to monitor weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation in the blood and can also be used to answer a questionnaire, the system is intuitive and can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of each patient.

Philips Healthcare needed a totally managed solution, giving reliable, in home connectivity to the Philips Motiva, allowing connectivity to multiple networks across Europe. Poor connectivity could result in multiple engineering visits and delays in the installation process costing Philips both time and money.


Eseye’s Multi-IMSI AnyNet SIM was the perfect solution for Philips Motiva, supplying reliable multi network connectivity in a number of key geographies. Much like the Motiva, the AnyNet is all about flexibility and freedom, with its ability to connect to multiple networks through in-country roaming and multiple IMSIs, the AnyNet ensures the Philips Motiva maintains a reliable connection, enabling patient data to be transferred from home to hospital and back with ease.

Eseye are proud to be involved with Philips Motiva. The value of empowering a patient to monitor and manage their condition from the comfort of their own home, while maximising their quality of life is huge. Connectivity is critical and it was a pleasure working with the team at Philips Healthcare to deliver a solution.

Paul Tarsey


Eseye were also able to assist Philips Healthcare in the optimisation of their M2M application. By working in conjunction with the technical team at Philips and through Eseye’s ‘Device Verification Services’ the total data usage was reduced by over 25%, in turn significantly reducing connectivity costs.


Working with Eseye and using their Multi-IMSI AnyNet SIM means we can now offer a roaming solution capable of connecting to all UK & potentially European networks using a single SIM, allowing us to manage the rollout of new Motiva Telehealth installations with confidence. We have already seen a reduction in failed installations and callouts due to poor network coverage, reducing repeat visits and in turn saving costs. Previously we had not considered a roaming solution due to fixed data plans and high over usage charges. Using Eseye’s AnyNet SIM broke down these barriers and gave us simple and scalable pricing. Working with Eseye’s support engineers we have been able to optimise our data protocols within our application, reducing our costs by 25% while delivering a superior solution and customer experience.

Geoff Hayllar

Philips Healthcare

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