We make IoT deployments awesomely simple

In an aggressive, rapidly developing market, you need to get your IoT deployment right first time, optimised and delivering in line with your brand values and business objectives. You cannot afford to be visiting devices, swapping SIMs, managing multiple network providers, struggling to integrate with the cloud and dealing with numerous support challenges, across regions or countries.

At Eseye we deliver an IoT managed service that is simple to deploy, infinitely scalable and highly secure. We also enable you to have instant access to your data through our cloud integration experience and expertise, such as with AWS.

We fast-track your IoT journey by ensuring you know the pitfalls and can make the right decisions along the way.

We bring certainty of outcome to your IoT deployment and provide valuable insight from designing the device to delivering the right business outcomes. Using our AnyNet cellular technology the device automatically stays connected to any of the available local mobile networks. Security is built-in and communication policies and certification can be automatically updated over the air, again and again.

Our own target is 100% up-time for all devices, everywhere and regardless of network provider. This gives you the maximum possible connectivity available today. All your support needs are dealt with through one support contract , no matter how many country and network boundaries your deployment includes.

The simplicity of our solution, combined with near 100% connectivity uptime improves your RoI

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Keeping you connected in more places, more of the time

Customers rely on us to keep IoT simple. Our devise expertise, Managed Services Platform and unique AnyNet technology optimises to near 100% device connectivity across 2G, 3G or 4G cellular coverage across CDMA, GSM, LTE CAT 1/NBIoT networks, where possible, and wherever they are deployed globally. Over-the-air updates of device-level policies ensure long-term connectivity, compliance and security at low cost.

Cloud connectivity means you can collect, access and analyse your data without delay, giving you invaluable business insights.

We enable rapid IoT deployment with future-proofed technology.

Device Optimisation

One single device design within your entire IoT network.

Simple Connectivity

On-device technology will seek out and join cellular networks automatically.

Global Network Compatibility

AnyNet Secure technology works anywhere.

Fast Cloud Integration

Low latency for real-time data access.

Enhanced Security

Advanced security for safe data access.

Complete Visibility

One view of IoT infrastructure, and the data that drives it.

Ready to implement IoT, but need help and support?

Inspiring innovation and connecting more than 1.6 million devices across 190 countries

Everyday Eseye technology is actively collecting and monetising data, or having significant social or environmental impact – we think we have a lot to share.

These businesses are using this valuable insight to inform their strategy, build their brand, better understand their customers, drive revenue or lower their operational costs. Today, they are using our technology to improve and even save lives.

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There are a proliferation of IoT technologies and services, but we know, based on over a decade of experience, that decisions you make early on determine project success.

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Eseye’s fully redundant fault-tolerant network provides a managed connectivity service with a global footprint, whilst support for multiple cellular networks in each geographical region enables close to 100 percent connectivity uptime. This means that we can deploy connected devices and deliver premium quality drinks virtually anywhere in the world. A real advantage as the company is seeking to expand rapidly across international markets

Paul Borrett, Systems and Data Director at Costa

We can now offer a solution capable of connecting to all networks using a single SIM…reducing our costs by 25% while delivering a superior solution and customer experience

Geoff Hayllar Philips Healthcare

The simplicity and reliability of Eseye's solution is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and enables us to offer a product that is truly revolutionary.

David Elliot Senior Engineer, Dulas Ltd

Easy & straight forward. Ultimately I like the fact that we can still have a conversation & that you employ people to deal with people versus the standard tech response of more tech.. On behalf of people, thanks!

Tim Wraight Biotecture

it is imperative that our suppliers understand our need to have reliable and future proof solutions

Remi Caron Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, The New Motion

Eseye came highly recommended and it was great to work with a team that cared about the detail to make our business a success.

Nick Hughes M-KOPA

Previously if a customer had an issue with their system they would have to phone and report the problem. The remote monitoring of devices reduces this by predicting and detecting problems much earlier; enabling a proactive resolution prior to a major fault or failure.

Rose Atkinson R&D Manager, at SolarNow

This new level of capability is another key step in our continued mission to build the best relationships with our customers.

Willem Nolens CEO at SolarNow

Frost & Sullivan applauds Eseye for demonstrating powerful product leadership based on its AnyNet Secure SIM that simplifies complex and global large-scale IoT device deployments while delivering both security and cost advantages, which are expected to benefit the fast-growing needs of the IoT market.

Frost & Sullivan


IoT can be complex, let us help make it simple

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