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Revolutionising Retail with Smart Vending.

Why IoT cellular connectivity lies at the heart of the smart vending solution.

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Retailing revolutionised with IoT connectivity

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Near 100% geographic coverage

Whether in shopping centres, at train stations and airports or in factories and offices – connect your vending machines in any location, including indoors, underground, or in rural areas.

Continuous monitoring and insights

Reduce machine downtime and increase sales with IoT-enabled vending machines that will signal when they need to be restocked or serviced.

Secure payment processing

We secure the data transferred from your vending machine to your cloud systems with zero-touch, end-to-end encryption, and centralised policy management.

Harness the power of the AnyNet+ eSIM

Take your IoT connectivity from good to great 

Learn how our AnyNet connectivity solution can ensure your machines are connected to the network with the strongest and best available connection at any given time, in any given location across the world. 

Get reliable and secure global connectivity 

Reduce costs and increase profits

Connectivity is fundamental to processing card payments, monitoring stock levels and machine health, and enabling automatic reordering and maintenance planning.  With our Infinity IoT Platform™, you have real-time communication with the machine, enabling analytics that supports data-driven sales strategies, supply chain management, and tailoring of customer experiences. 

Build once, ship globally

Control production and connectivity costs with an AnyNet+ eSIM in your vending machine.

Simplify logistics and maximise revenue with near 100% connectivity out of the box from a single product SKU. 

Build once ship globally

Maintain a high level of service 

Cellular connectivity is the number one challenge for smart vending projects. Mobile payments, retrieving alerts on fixes required, and sales data from vending machines are all reliant on high machine availability. And this requires a reliable IoT connectivity service and network connection. 

Our Infinity™ IoT Platform enables you to firmly control connectivity. Connect anywhere with the industry’s widest choice of mobile networks and access local data rates of 700+ mobile networks across 190+ countries. 

IoT security as standard

Bake your security in from the outset. Thanks to our private network infrastructure we handle your data in a fully secure way from start to finish. 

Private APN with VPN and bespoke firewall options ensure your data, and your customers are fully protected. We offer additional functions such as debugging, packet capture, and trace alerting as part of our solution. 

IoT security payments

Comply with local regulations

We have 12 data centres located around the globe. These data centres allow us to provide localised connectivity via our MNO interconnect relationships. 

This provides low latency and efficient communication, as well as avoiding any regulatory issues around data sovereignty and permanent roaming. 

Discover the latest IoT trends and challenges for vending

In 2020 the market was valued at $4.6M and it's set to grow at a CAGR of 10.47% from 2020 – 2027. The smart vending industry was a very early adopter of IoT and is reaping the benefits. Get market-specific insights, including key technology drivers and future IoT budget forecasts in this report.

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Our Success Stories

We’re the name behind some of the world’s biggest IoT projects

We empower businesses to embrace IoT without limits. We help them to visualise the impossible and bring those solutions to life through innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions.

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