The power of cellular IoT connectivity

Many vending machines are Wi-Fi enabled. But Wi-Fi coverage can limit your deployment location options and be costly to maintain, with manual intervention required when the connection is interrupted.

Switch to cellular connectivity and get near 100% global connectivity uptime across 190 countries and achieve real-time telemetry by using our eUICC compliant AnyNet+ SIM solution.

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How to improve vending machine connectivity and profitability

Connectivity is fundamental to payment processing, monitoring of stock levels and machine health, enabling automatic reordering and maintenance planning.  Every minute of downtime means lost business.

In this comprehensive whitepaper – we discuss some of the common pain points in creating and deploying smart vending solutions, why they occur and crucially how innovations in IoT connectivity can help ensure a more effective Smart Vending deployment.

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Why choose Eseye for your IoT vending machine project

Single SIM solution

1 SKU, 1 device and 1 SIM for every country in the world. Simplifying global IoT deployments with lower time-to-market.

Zero-touch configuration

Out-of-the-box, automatic over-the-air connection and setup of the device with no on-site configuration.

Reliable connectivity

Deliver IoT anywhere in the world with confidence with access to over 700 mobile networks to achieve near 100% up-time.

Helping you unlock IoT

Our Global Vending Deployments

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Smarter Vending

Take your IoT connectivity from good to great

Connected vending machines are sharply rising in demand. Get ahead of the curve and maximise operational efficiency anywhere and everywhere with Eseye’s reliable, ubiquitous IoT connectivity.

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Case Study


Searching for new ways to innovate and disrupt, Costa Coffee aimed to deliver premium quality drinks to disrupt the traditional retail model and gain market share. They created their vision of a connected coffee machine but needed help to transform that vision into a reality that could help them conquer the coffee world.


Costa chose Eseye to help design and connect their coffee machines. Using Eseye HERA 600 IoT Edge Hardware they were able to aggregate data from their vast array of sensors. The HERA provides near 100% global connectivity – important for machines that needed to maximise uptime.


Due to the global reliable connectivity – Costa have been able to easily and aggressively scale the rollout of these machines across multiple countries. From telematic data to pushing out new promotions – the smart vending machines have been an unmitigated success.

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Success Story

Switching across different local operators is the major benefit and improvement we were looking for, Eseye helped us overcome the connectivity issues we had in several locations, where a single operator couldn’t provide the minimum signal required to maintain an acceptable service level to our customers and users.

Nicola Scardi, Head of Marketing and Business Development
Success Story

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