Eseye Cellular IoT Connectivity Optimisation
Connectivity Optimisation

Connect every device, every time.

Click on the items you want to change to provision, then manage and optimise connectivity from a choice of 700 networks in the platform. This is how we make sure your devices stay connected, every time and everywhere – backed by our deep experience of optimising IoT connectivity.

IoT Connectivity Optimisation

Connectivity from the device to the cloud.

IoT Connectivity Optimisation - Manage Service Levels

Manage service levels

Enjoy high quality network connectivity for your devices by managing performance and service levels.

Control and Optimise IoT Connectivity

You're in Control

Set rules to update device configuration over-the-air, for close to 100% optimised connectivity.

Intelligent Connectivity Optimisation

Intelligent optimisation

Predict and continually optimise connectivity based on past performance using AI – future-proofing your investment.

Maximum Device Uptime

Connectivity is more than the network

The network is important. But it’s not everything. We give you the power to manage the IoT settings which are the foundations for secure, reliable, low-latency communications – right the way up to the cloud.

Intelligent connectivity rules

Update each device or batch configuration in real-time, with your own connectivity rules and logic. Combined with the pre-programmed logic on the eSIM, our rules engine delivers near 100% uptime for every device.

Eseye Intelligent IoT Connectivity Rules Engine

Connectivity, controlled.

Get the best possible performance from your IoT estate, with precise control over device settings. For example, you can customise:

  • The SIM and integration profile
  • Network selection rules and algorithms
  • Cost settings
  • Boot and recovery processes
Infinity Platform - Controlled Connectivity

Remote updates

Updating eSIMs used to mean a costly site visit. And updates are inevitable: IoT devices are in the field for up to 10 years.

Now you can instantly update your devices over the air (OTA) with the latest connectivity and network rules – for every device and every network provider.

Eseye IoT Remote Updates

Control network selection

Precision-tune connectivity to your precise needs, across multiple network variables. Alongside routing and VPN settings, you can decide on the right balance of security and performance – for example, choosing to reduce latency.

Eseye IoT Network Selection Control

Discover the power of IoT Connectivity Optimisation

Learn more about Infinity IoT Platform™, our single, customisable and scalable cellular network for all your global IoT deployments.

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Our Success Stories

We’re the name behind some of the world’s biggest IoT projects

We empower businesses to embrace IoT without limits. We help them to visualise the impossible and bring those solutions to life through innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions.

Telli Health Telehealth IoT Case Study

How Telli Health Achieved IoT Device eUICC Certification in the US

Learn how Eseye helped Telli Health to save 94% in support costs, onboard patients 80% faster and improve unique daily data transmissions by 73%.

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Shell Recharge EV Charging IoT Case Study

IoT Connectivity Powers the EV Charging Revolution

Learn why Shell Recharge partnered with Eseye to power Europe’s largest charging network.

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SpiderTracks IoT Telematics Case Study

Cellular Connectivity Advances Flight Data Monitoring Technology

Learn why Spidertracks chose Eseye’s cellular connectivity to enhance its flight monitoring solution.

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Yoco IoT POS Case Study

Accelerating Payment Processing Revolution

Learn how Yoco improved POS transaction approval rates to 92-94% with Eseye’s support

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Mission control for IoT connectivity, today and tomorrow.

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