Eseye Infinity IoT Platform - Flex - for Mid-Market

IoT Platform for Mid-Market.

Needing to scale fast, without having to change platforms? Infinity Flex gives you efficient, cost-effective IoT connectivity.

The Infinity Platform Explained

Your quick guide from Nick Earle, our CEO.

Nick explains how Infinity makes it simple to manage the complex world of IoT connectivity, without having to use multiple platforms – saving your business time and money.

Infinity IoT Packages

One platform to take charge of your IoT

Choose a package to suit your precise needs. Then connect any device, anywhere – with close to 100% uptime. All from one platform.

Flex Foundation

Infinity Flex for Mid-Market

Starter pack designed for deployments of 200 devices or more. It comes with a single roaming SIM and basic support.

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  • Single roaming SIM (regionalised)
  • AnyNet connectivity
  • Infinity access
  • Infinity training: video
  • Basic support
  • 1-year minimum contract

Flex Advanced

Infinity Flex for Mid-Market

An advanced eUICC eSIM and onboarding for device localisation capability, backed-up by enhanced support.

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  • AnyNet+ eUICC multi-IMSI SIM (localising)
  • Device onboarding
  • AnyNet connectivity
  • Infinity access
  • Infinity training: virtual
  • Deployment services
  • Enhanced support
  • 3-year minimum contract


Infinity for Enterprise

A fully customised service for large-scale, multi-region deployments of 100K devices or more.

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  • All the features from Infinity Flex Advanced
  • Bring your own contract (BYOC)
  • Custom pricing
  • Pre-defined and custom API integrations
  • Premium Device onboarding
  • Request MNO, Private Network or Cloud integrations
  • Manage existing legacy SIM estate
Infinity Flex IoT Platform

For nimble businesses who need simple, fast, reliable connectivity.

Infinity IoT Platform - Scalable Connectivity Solution

Scaling to your needs

Choose from three packages – upgrade as your business grows or choose a bespoke enterprise level for the largest, most complex businesses.

Infinity IoT - Reduce Connectivity Management Time

Faster, smarter innovation

Reduce connectivity management admin, leaving you more time to focus on what really matters to your customers.

Infinity IoT - Single View

Mitigate project risks

80% of IoT projects fail according to Gartner. Infinity Flex helps to reduce risk, bringing all your devices and connectivity together as one.

Infinity Flex

Flexible IoT connectivity to fuel your growth

Flexible packages

Get fast access to IoT connectivity, without the hassle.

  • Our Foundation pack is perfect if you’re taking your first IoT steps
  • Next up, our Growth pack gives you more intelligent SIMs, increased uptime and more support
  • And an Advanced pack offers our more comprehensive connectivity capability, including localisation and expert technical support.
Infinity IoT Device Management

Multiple SIM formats

It’s a common story: your IoT expands from one country to the next – so you need to adapt to cope with not-spots, device updates and compliance with local data laws.

Our Infinity Flex packages offer multiple SIM options, including single-roaming, multi-IMSI SIMs and our latest AnyNet+ eUICC multi-IMSI SIM. Simply choose the SIMs based on the outcome you need, confident they’re built for long in-service life.

AnyNet+ SIM form factors

AnyNet connectivity

Even the largest MNO can’t offer anywhere close to 100% global coverage. And that limits your growth plans.

Our AnyNet federation solves this problem, allowing mid-sized businesses to grow, backed by global coverage from over 700 network operators. With the largest selection of network localisation and roaming options available, you get the perfect blend connectivity exactly when you need it.

Eseye Real-Time IoT Device Enrichment Data

Support as you need it

More SIMs. New countries. New apps. New tech. With our Flex packages, your connectivity is ready to grow with your business – without being held back by long lock-in periods.

Simply choose the coverage, support and training you need and we’ll do the rest.

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Deploying 200 to 10,000 IoT devices a year?

Find out more about the technical performance of Infinity, and how it works to manage your IoT estate.

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Explore Infinity Flex Features

Uncomplicate your IoT estate management


Device management

See, manage and maintain all your device SIMS with the click of a mouse

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Infinity IoT Connectivity Optimisation

Connectivity optimisation

Optimise connectivity to ensure your devices are on and ready to do business

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Eseye AnyNet Federation

AnyNet Federation

The largest agnostic, collaborative and virtual mobile network with over 700 operators across the world

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Infinity IoT Security

IoT security

All the right measures from the SIM to the cloud to mitigate threats

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Infinity Subscription Services Management

Subscription & service management

Granular detail so you know what you bought, from whom, and how much you’re spending

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Infinity Reporting Analytics-and-AI

Reporting, analytics and AI

Slice and dice your connectivity data performance when you want it, in the format you need

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Award-Winning IoT Platform

Demand the best for your IoT project

IoT Breakthrough Awards 2023

IoT Breakthrough Awards 2023

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ won the M2M Platform of the Year at the 2023 IoT Breakthrough Awards.

Computing Technology Product Awards 2022

Computing Technology Product Awards 2022

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ won the prestigious 'IoT Product of the Year' at the 2022 Technology Product Awards.

Kaleido Intelligence Connectivity Vendor Hub 2022

Eseye's Infinity IoT Platform™ was recognised as a Kaleido High Flyer in the 'Connectivity Management Platform' category.

Smart Cities & IoT Innovation Awards 2022

The Infinity IoT Platform™ won the ‘Best IoT Security Platform (Platinum)’ award at Juniper Research's 2022 Future Digital Smart Cities & IoT Innovation Awards.

Our Success Stories

We’re the name behind some of the world’s biggest IoT projects

We empower businesses to embrace IoT without limits. We help them to visualise the impossible and bring those solutions to life through innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions.

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Powering EV Charging Confidence

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Telli Health Telehealth IoT Case Study

How Telli Health Achieved IoT Device eUICC Certification in the US

Learn how Eseye helped Telli Health to save 94% in support costs, onboard patients 80% faster and improve unique daily data transmissions by 73%.

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WeWash Smart Payment IoT POS Case Study

Helping WeWash Bring 21st Century Laundry Rooms to New Markets

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Martin Engineering IoT Case Study

Unleashing the Potential of Industrial IoT

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Mission control for IoT Connectivity. Today and tomorrow.

Deploying 200 to 10,000 devices every year? Choose from one of three levels of service, all with clear pricing and ongoing support.