We work with businesses all around the world on connected Home, Enterprise and City applications, covering key sectors such as Energy, Smart City, Healthcare, Retail and Finance, Transport, and Telco.

Eseye’s global footprint stretches across more than 170 countries including some of the most challenging environments, all of which serve to validate the reliability of our solutions. Eseye estimates that it currently:


  • Manages connectivity of up to 12% of all the UKs street lights… not just the smart ones
  • Connects 49% of all UK EV charge stations, equal to 4% of the world’s install base
  • Provides managed connectivity to 90% of all pre-paid smart meters in the UK
  • Has the longest experience in M2M device design and development of any M2M supplier
  • Is the number one supplier of connectivity services into retail vending solutions

Eseye holds ISO27001 Certification!

Eseye achieved ISO27001 certification in October 2014. The ISO27001:2013 certificate represents a global Information Security Management System standard that protects our customers by ensuring we have an effective security management system. The certification demonstrates a full assessment and validation of end-to-end security systems related to handling Eseye and customer data.

Check our ISO27001:2013 Certificate here


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