Philips Telecare - IoT Case Study
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IoT Connectivity Transforms Home Patient Care.

Discover how we help Philips Healthcare to confidently deploy remote patient telehealth solutions anywhere in Europe.

Philips Healthcare delivers critical patient monitoring services   

Philips Motiva is an interactive Telehealth platform expertly designed to allow people across Europe to manage their chronic conditions, such as Chronic Heart Failure, Diabetes Mellitus, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). With data sent directly to their healthcare provider, both patients and care staff are empowered to manage their conditions with greater flexibility and accuracy, and it reduces pressure on local health services. 

Philips Healthcare needed a fully managed connectivity solution, giving reliable, in-home connectivity to the Philips Motiva, allowing connectivity to multiple networks across Europe.  

Philips had been contracting with multiple network operators across Europe to purchase SIM and connectivity services at the regional or individual country level. 

This impacted the manufacturing, logistics and operational processes, as no single SIM solution or connectivity service was available in their primary markets – which included the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. 

Why Philips Healthcare chose Eseye

IoT enabled home patient care


Enhanced patient care

Philips is improving outcomes with remote management of patient’s health and reducing readmissions to hospital with early clinical interventions.

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Reduced costs by 25%

By working with Eseye’s support engineers, Philips has optimised its data protocols within its application and reduced costs by 25%.

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Better experience

Philips noticed a reduction in failed installations and callouts due to poor network coverage, which has subsequently decreased repeat visits and improved customer satisfaction.

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In addition to the inefficiencies in the procurement and manufacturing processes, the solution also often required multiple engineering visits and delayed the installation process; all of which was costing Philips Healthcare time and money.  

Furthermore, the collective connectivity across multiple single operators failed to deliver the required high levels of uptime Philips Healthcare required, resulting in a sub-standard solution, and negatively impacting on customer service and experience. 

Philips Healthcare needed to source a fully managed connectivity solution to provide reliable, multi-network connectivity across Europe. With such a solution, Philips could deploy telehealth anywhere.  

Every Philips Motiva solution utilises Eseye’s AnyNet+ SIM which ensures a reliable connection no matter where it is located, and patients’ data is securely transferred from home to hospital and back.  

Harnessing IoT with Philips Healthcare

1 SIM and 1 SKU

The AnyNet+ SIM from Eseye is the ideal solution for Philips Motiva because it’s capable of delivering reliable multi-network connectivity across many key geographies. A major attraction was the ability to have a single SIM for use anywhere, which can be embedded into the product at the point of manufacture to create a single Motiva product SKU – drastically improving supply chain efficiency.

Philips patient

Connectivity everywhere, everytime

A single AnyNet+ SIM card comes pre-loaded with up to ten IMSI profiles which enables connection to multiple networks – connectivity can be switched dynamically and autonomously at the SIM level, and more networks can be loaded over-the-air. 

Philips blood pressure monitor

Secure patient data

Data collected from each Motiva device is safely transmitted in real-time back to Philips HQ and cloud via Eseye’s secure, and robust VPN, critically maintaining the integrity of sensitive patient health data.   

Philips monitoring device

1 price, 1 contract, 1 invoice

Philips Healthcare’s IoT deployment has been simplified by Eseye’s solution, which offers one price, one contract, and a single invoice for all global connectivity. 

Philips patient with device

Working with Eseye’s support engineers we have been able to optimise our data protocols within our application, reducing our costs by 25% while delivering a superior solution and customer experience”

Udo Goldbach, Operations Manager Europe

Eseye is proud to provide the critical connectivity needed to power the Philips Motiva telehealth solution. The value of empowering a patient to monitor and manage their condition from the comfort of their own home, while maximising their quality of life is huge”

Paul Marshall, Co-Founder and CCO

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